"By far the worst experience I've had": Sykkuno cites death threats as the reason behind not streaming Dungeons and Dragons

Sykkuno has been receiving death threats (Image via Sykkuno Twitch)
Sykkuno has been receiving death threats (Image via Sykkuno Twitch)

Among Us streaming sensation, Sykkuno recently revealed the shocking reason for his refusal to stream Dungeons and Dragons. The popular Twitch streamer admitted that he was receiving death threats for streaming D&D.

Sykkuno, along with Pokimane, Valkyrae, and Disguised Toast, are part of OfflineTV's crew. They explore different titles together to keep their audience entertained.

Over the last few months, D&D has been a successful venture for the group, as fans have witnessed them having a lot of fun playing.

Even though Sykkuno has never really streamed D&D, he quickly shut down all possibilities of it ever happening.

The prolific GTA RP streamer has been one of the most successful on the internet since he started streaming Among Us in 2020. Sadly, his journey to the pinnacle has not been averse to online hate.

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He revealed the reason why D&D will never be a part of his streams. He stated:

"DnD was genuinely the worst experience I had with fans, like, ever. And I didn’t even stream it, which is absolutely crazy to me… I remember one time, I felt bad, because this guy was subbed to Lily for 9 months and I banned him because he sent me death threats."

Even though Sykkuno has a lot of fun climbing ranks in Valorant, causing havoc on the streets of Los Santos in the GTA RP server, it is unfortunate that he has to leave behind a title because some extreme viewers don't like the way he plays the game.

Sykkuno to revamp his OffflineTV's Rust streams

The GTA RP sensation revealed that he is going to take a different route with Rust this time. He revealed that he has caved to his Twitch chat on several occasions, but that's coming to a glorious end.

Sykkuno has a huge fan following, and while that's a good thing, fans sometimes overstep their boundaries by constantly demanding things.

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Several streamers have spoken at length about the issue, but from the looks of it, Sykkuno is ready to quash it for the greater good.

Being a celebrated member of 'Amigops', the American streamer, this time around, will do whatever he wants and won't give in to demands by his fans as he has done previously.

Interestingly, Sykkuno has also stated that he might not remain a part of the Rust server for long as it's essentially PvP and not RP.

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