xQc granted another lifeline as he gets unbanned from the NoPixel GTA RP server 

xQc returns to the GTA RP server after a month's absence (Image via xQcOW
xQc returns to the GTA RP server after a month's absence (Image via xQcOW

After spending nearly a month away from the NoPixel GTA RP server, Felix xQc Lengyel has finally returned.

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Over the last few months, the GTA RP server has become a force to be reckoned with. With thousands of viewers tuning in to watch xQc, summit1g, Buddha, and Sykkuno among several others, GTA RP broke several records and also left behind League of Legends and Just Chatting as the most-watched category on Twitch.

Sadly, as all good things come to an end, xQc's journey too, ended in May when he was permanently banned from the server after a series of temporary bans.

His failure to agree to the norms of the server coupled with his toxic relationship with other roleplayers on the platform played a massive role in his permanent ban from the server.

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To everyone's surprise, the Canadian streamer during one of his recent livestreams announced that he had been granted access to the server once again. xQc also revealed that he will rejoin the server as his cop character, Pierre Paul.

This is what the variety streamer said on the subject:

“The NoPixel staff allowed me back on whitelist for cop mostly, I guess I could bring back X if I decide to, but I’m not gonna do that… it’ll mostly be like super mellow chill off-stream most of the time stuff.”

Interestingly, xQc has decided to put his controversial character Jean Paul on hold for now. The former Overwatch pro stated that he wouldn't be robbing banks or causing mayhem on the streets of Los Santos, rather, he would join other roleplayers dressed as cops in maintaining decorum.

The server will undoubtedly be less chaotic, but it remains to be seen if xQc's return to the server will be less controversial than before.

xQc's return to the server was a tactical move made by Twitch?

Even though the GTA RP server houses several high profile streamers, xQc tops the list and currently stands as the most watched streamer of 2021.

His GTA RP streams attracted thousands of viewers who tuned in every day to watch the Canadian streamer cause havoc and pull off extravagant heists.


Sykkuno, too, has been a part of the server for a while now and has been xQc's partner in crime in several intense heists, including the infamous "Rainbow Road."

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The Among Us sensation stated on several occasions that the GTA RP server needs xQc to sustain its popularity. Echoing these sentiments, summit1g too, who has been an influential part of the server, took a similar stance on xQc's absence from the server.

The Canadian streamer's return gives him a chance to fix his reputation on the platform and also partake in an authentic RP experience.

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