Take-Two justifies delay behind GTA titles, says they're worth the wait

Take-Two is confident in GTA 6 and claimed no production issues in the company (Image via Sportskeeda)
Take-Two is confident in GTA 6's development (Image via Sportskeeda)

As fans continue to wait for the launch of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6, it appears Rockstar Games is confident about its development process so far.

During Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive's recent investor call, CEO Strauss Zelnick justified the possible delays in releasing their games by stating that they prefer delays instead of releasing "flops." The upcoming entry in the series was previously rumored to be announced this year, which now seems highly unlikely.

GTA 6 may not be released for some more time as Take-Two wants to release a "hit"


GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive seemed confident in its upcoming games during the company’s quarterly investor chat. In a possible concern by investors over the company's release schedules, CEO Strauss Zelnick assured them that there are no “productivity issues” and they want to release hits.

He acknowledged fans' "high-quality expectations and demands" during the call and stated the following:

“We definitely have very high-quality expectations and demands, and that's reflected in the fact that we're performing across the board. This company is a hit factory. We haven't had a disappointing release in as long as I can remember, and that's honestly the most important thing.”

He mentioned that the company was in the process of "initiating new guidance," leading to some possible delays. Zelnick also stated that he prefers the delays over releasing a failed game and emphasized the importance of time in the gaming industry.

Noting past delays, he said:

“We've had issues — we've been around long enough to remember them — where in the past we've had delays in titles, and it was ultimately always worth waiting for, because when we got to the other side, the results were delivered and the small amount of time delay didn't ultimately matter in the context of the results we were able to deliver. I'm hopeful that'll be the case here as well.”

The company predicted net sales of $5.4 to $5.5 billion instead of the previous forecast of $5.8 to $5.9 billion. However, the company is still “highly optimistic” about its future growth as there are massive upcoming immersive core games that fans can expect from the company.

Zelnick claimed that these games will “have the deepest gameplay and the most hours of content."

Games expected to be released by March 2025 include already-released titles such as The Quarry, the upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns, as well as GTA 6.

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