“You guys are pure entertainment”: Fans react as wild GTA 6 story theory from announcement surfaces on internet

GTA 6 story theory from announcement
A brief report on fans reacting to a wild GTA 6 story theory surfacing on social media (Image via Sportskeeda)

It’s been only two days since Rockstar Games announced the upcoming GTA 6 trailer with a picture, and fans are already trying to uncover details about the game. Popular X account Rockstar Universe recently shared an interesting theory about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto narrative based on the trailer announcement post. According to them, the three seagulls in the artwork allude to the story of the upcoming game.

One fan reacted to their post in amusement:

“You guys are pure entertainment brah”

GTA 6 story theory creates excitement among fans for the upcoming trailer release

As seen above, Rockstar Universe posited that the three seagulls can mean “betrayal and manipulation” spiritually, and the GTA 6 story might be related to a similar concept where one will be pressured to do things they never wanted to.

In the follow-up line, the Rockstar Universe also stated that it could mean nothing but seagulls enjoying the Vice City beach sunset, alluding to the possible return of the iconic Miami-like location.

Many reacted to the post and expressed their excitement to see the next Grand Theft Auto title:

A collage of amusing reactions to Rockstar Universe's post (Image via X)
A collage of amusing reactions to Rockstar Universe's post (Image via X)

It won’t be surprising if the game's location turns out to be the Vice City, as suggested by the recent GTA 6 map leak. While the leaked footage hasn’t been confirmed yet, a popular insider reported it as legit.

Matheusvictorbr- claims to have confirmed the legitimacy of the 15-second clip from inside sources. They further stated that Rockstar Games will not respond to it but rather cover it with the trailer release (translated from Portuguese):

"..I have since confirmed this afternoon from inside sources, and they have told me that, in fact, today's 15-second leak is real... Rockstar Games will not respond to this event, Tuesday's Trailer will cover this damaging leak."


The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will be released this December 5, 2023, at 9 am ET, fans will be able to watch it on Rockstar Games' YouTube channel.

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