Obey Rocoto in GTA Online: Price, performance, and more details

GTA Online features too many vehicles to count and some hold surprises (Image via GTA WiKi)
GTA Online features too many vehicles to count and some hold surprises (Image via GTA WiKi)

GTA Online players can be divided into various communities like grinders, PvP enthusiasts, try-hards and more.

One of those groups is comprised of car fanatics and gearheads. This category includes players who love vehicles, racing and car meets.

Contrary to popular opinion, the best cars in the game aren't the fastest or the most expensive. There are certain hidden gems all over Los Santos and Blaine County. This article takes a brief look at one such gem, the Obey Rocoto.

Price of the Obey Rocoto in GTA Online


The Obey Rocoto is classified as a four-door crossover SUV in GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto 5. The car is available in Southern San Andreas Super Autos for a mere $85K.

Here is the SSA Super Autos description of the vehicle:

The Rocoto won't win any races, but it makes up for it with luxuries that soothe the soul of upper middle class middle-aged angst.” -

As looks can tell, the Obey Rocoto is heavily inspired by two popular SUVs, the Audi Q5 and Porsche Cayenne. It replaced the Ubermacht Rebla, which was based on the E53 BMW X5 from Grand Theft Auto 4.

The name Rocoto is inspired by a type of pepper, as is the Cayenne. The Serrano and Habanero are two more in-game cars that are named after types of pepper.

Performance and more details about the car

The Obey Rocoto sports a V8 engine and a five-speed gearbox that powers all four wheels. According to Broughy1322, the car can reach speeds of up to 107.5 mph and has a lap time of 1:15.909.

Out of the 44 SUVs in the game, the Obey Rocoto places 21st in lap time and 17th in top speed. As far as cosmetic customizations are concerned, the car offers about 12 options, which include performance upgrades as well.


The Obey Rocoto was the first car for many OG GTA Online players owing to its great price-to-performance ratio and rarity. Another key reason why it is so popular is the fact that it can also be picked off the street. Players do not necessarily need to purchase the car to own it; it is a rare spawn but totally worth it.

The Rocoto performs above average for being such a cheap offering. To be honest, it would have been higher up the ranks (top speed and lap time) if the game didn't have so many Baller variants.

It goes without saying that the Obey Rocoto is a great starter vehicle for newbies joining the game. The car isn't going to win any races, but it's a great commuter and it's easy on the eyes.

The Obey Rocoto can be classified as an OG vehicle. It has been in the game since launch, back when there weren't hundreds and hundreds of cars to choose from.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the writer

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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