Ranking the most extraordinary characters in GTA series

GTA characters who stood out and were extraordinary (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA characters who stood out and were extraordinary (Image via Sportskeeda)
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When it comes to a memorable cast of characters, players need not look further than the GTA franchise. Each game in the series had a host of colorful characters that players recall to date.

Even though most of the main characters from the GTA franchise are remembered by fans, a few of them stand out as extraordinary for their in-game storyline, alongside their personality and traits. With that being said, here are some of the most notable characters in the GTA series.

Top 5 extraordinary characters in the GTA franchise

5) Frank Tenpenny

Although vile and corrupt to the core, GTA San Andreas wouldn't have been as great as it was without him. Frank Tenpenny was the main antagonist of the game, and despite him being evil, players can't help but admire his character.

From using CJ to doing his dirty work, to indirectly controlling gangs for profit, Tenpenny does it all. Although he dies in the end, players will never forget his name, or the hard time he gave them during the game.

4) Trevor Philips

While Trevor Philips is one of the three main protagonists players get to play in GTA 5, he is nothing short of psychotic, chaotic, and will do just about anything to get his way.

Ironically, the above traits are the exact reason why players absolutely adore him and can't get enough of him. In addition to his traits and personality, the character is voiced by and even looks like Steven Ogg who is well known for portraying exactly the same chaotic roles as his in-game counterpart.

3) Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson, aka CJ, is hands down one of the best characters to have graced the franchise. However, what makes him extraordinary is his story arc.

After returning to Groove Street following his mother's death, he slowly began to push back other gangs, stop the flow of drugs, and restore peace (and somewhat order) to gang controlled areas in the game.


2) Tommy Vercetti

Tommy may look like just another regular mafia hitman, but in actuality there is so much below the surface that players begin to notice while controlling him.

In addition to being an amazing protagonist who is remembered even two decades after the original game came out, he was the first protagonist in the series with a voice actor.

After existing under the thumb of the Forelli Crime Family, Tommy finally manages to take back his life; first by killing Ricardo Diaz, the man responsible for sabotaging the drug deal, and finally his former boss Sonny Forelli.

1) Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic is a veteran of the Yugoslav Wars, who later went to work for organized crime syndicates. Although he had high dreams of becoming an astronaut, life had other plans for him. One of those plans was called Liberty City.

After escaping his former boss who claimed that he had sabotaged their plans, Niko managed to escape to Liberty City and start over again. However, what makes him extraordinary is his down-to-Earth personality and strong character traits.

Unlike other protagonists in the series, Niko started from nothing. Even during his childhood days he had nothing. Every day was an uphill battle for him, and fans could really resonate and connect to his struggles.

Although Niko hasn't really been a part of the newer GTA games, fans and players are hoping that he is featured in the upcoming title and gets to play a vital role in the storyline.

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