Redditors angry over GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist's guards

Some of the toughest security in GTA Online (Image via YouTube/Slime Gaming)
Some of the toughest security in GTA Online (Image via YouTube/Slime Gaming)

The GTA Online video clip in this article was uploaded by Redditor u/DuckInDisguise. He discovered an issue with the guards that tried to stop gamers leaving the casino while playing the Diamond Casino Heist.

The problem was that the guards were not affected at all, despite by being shot at multiple times. The player felt as though there was a glitch happening and so he posted the clip online.

This article will discuss how Redditors reacted to a video clip of a player attempting the Diamond Casino Heist. In the clip the player encountered some problems and commenters had a lot to say.

GTA Online Diamond Casino's guards might be immune to damage

The video above has received over one 130 comments in the thread of the r/gtaonline subreddit. The overwhelming feeling is that Rockstar needs to fix the guards in the Diamond Casino Heist, as they are unrealistically hard to kill.

In the clip, a player was about to exit the casino via the rear door but still had three guards to take care of. He killed the first guard easily, but the second one seemed to take a full magazine from the SMG before he hit the deck.

On the third and final guard, the player came back inside from the direction of the exit and emptied another whole mag into his head hoping to kill him. Somehow this did not kill the enemy and he was able to finish off the GTA Online player instead. This was frustrating, and almost seemed as if the NPCs were using invincibility cheats.

While some commenters questioned how the players messed up their 'Big Con' heist in the first place, others were more understanding. Redditors felt the pain of the player and likened the casino guards to the Terminator from the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger films.

Many people made comments about Rockstar needing to fix this bug and how it had been present in the game for some years in GTA Online. One player even blamed the introduction of the Opressor MKII in 2017 for many of the bugs in the game, but this may be an unrelated occurrence.

Overall the feeling of discontent with Rocktar came across strong from some people, but was defended by others.

While the game still does have issues with bugs and glitches like the one in this article, it seems like Rockstar Games has a lot on its plate and it sometimes misses certain issues that need to be fixed. Hopefully this guard glitch in GTA Online won't be around forever.

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