Rockstar Games posts new Red Dead Online Tweet, fans go crazy with #SaveRedDeadOnline

#SaveRedDeadOnline is still going strong (Image via Rockstar Games)
#SaveRedDeadOnline is still going strong (Image via Rockstar Games)

#SaveRedDeadOnline has received a lot of attention recently from Red Dead Online fans, and it clearly shows on Rockstar Games' latest Tweet.

Their most recent Tweet talks about what Red Dead Online fans can expect from this week's update. It follows a similar format to what players usually expect from the Newswire, such as which missions give bonus cash and what discounts are available. There is (sadly) no news on any major update that fans have been wanting.

The lack of any substantial update and any communication from Rockstar Games is partially why so many gamers support #SaveRedDeadOnline. It's not uncommon to go to any recent Rockstar Games Tweet and see something regarding this subject.

Rockstar Games' latest Red Dead Online Tweet is bombarded by fans with #SaveRedDeadOnline

This week, completing any Blood Money Opportunity with a Persistent Posse in tow will land you a Reward for 25 Capitale within 72 hours of completion. For details on all the current Red Dead Online special events and bonuses, visit the Rockstar Newswire:

The above Tweet is Rockstar Games' most recent Tweet, and it simply redirects the user to the Newswire post for the upcoming weeks' content. There's nothing too newsworthy about the content, but it's worth looking at the Tweet's replies. Unsurprisingly, it's primarily about #SaveRedDeadOnline.

The above Tweet was one of the more popular replies, and its message is loud and clear. One of the biggest reasons this hashtag has become so popular lately is because of Rockstar Games' lack of communication.

This Tweet is another example of a frustrated fan who is disappointed with Rockstar Games' lack of communication on Red Dead Online. It also includes a video showcasing several other Tweets, along with a few audio bits from some popular GTA YouTubers.

There are a few variations of the above interaction in the comment section. This incident is (astonishingly) legitimate and wasn't fabricated. It doesn't have anything to do with the game directly, but it's an example of how fans perceive Rockstar Games as caring about nothing more than GTA Online's Shark Cards.

Many fans want Red Dead Online or the GTA Trilogy to get more substantial updates, but Rockstar Games has been dead silent. It's meme-worthy at times, yet that's the current state of affairs for Rockstar fans.

@RockstarGames How about you actually respond to your entire community instead of posting this and acting like you don't see it. We don't need announcements on these terrible event weeks. We want new stuff to buy and new content, your guys' lack of communication is so sad tbh#SaveRedDeadOnline
@RockstarGames I will never understand how you have become so complacent with RDO. Players can only do so much, it's on you to #SaveRedDeadOnline. Don't let us down @RockstarGames we want this game to succeed.

Many other replies to Rockstar Games' original Tweet echo similar sentiments regarding memes and wanting the game to succeed. Red Dead Online has numerous passionate fans, but it's an online multiplayer game at the end of the day. A lack of content is going to make much of its playerbase's interest in the game wane over time.

Being in maintenance mode and getting minor weekly updates doesn't excite most of Red Dead Online's playerbase. Not only that, but its lack of substantial updates makes it hard for some players to recommend others to play this game.

@RockstarGames *Community uproar*Rockstar: "Here, have some cApItALe"Lmaoooo 馃ぃ#SaveRedDeadOnline 馃

It should be noted that the vast majority of the replies are negative, with only a few Twitter users being annoyed by #SaveRedDeadOnline. These reactions are more tame compared to some of the other non-Rockstar Games Tweets.

For example, many Red Dead Online fans are irritated by GTA Online's favoritism, but there isn't so much as a peep of that issue under Rockstar Games' latest Tweet.

Unsurprisingly, most of them are using #SaveRedDeadOnline to get the point across.

@RockstarGames #SaveRedDeadOnline has been trending for almost 2 weeks. Instead of ignoring it, surely it would be easier communicating with the community. We鈥檙e not expecting an update tomorrow, just a plan for the game鈥檚 future

Red Dead Online's future doesn't bode well for many of its fans. They aren't unrealistic to assume something major must come out right away, but they simply want to know what's in store for them.

Currently, there isn't even roadmap giving fans something to look forward to, let alone any leaks on the matter. #SaveRedDeadOnline has been trending for almost two weeks, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

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