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5 most entertaining sports and activities to enjoy with friends in GTA Online

Image via KYOUNG1400, Youtube
Image via KYOUNG1400, Youtube
Sawera Dedar
Modified 30 Mar 2021
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Contrary to common presumptions, GTA Online features a lot more than just a bunch of challenging quests and perilous heists.

While such missions often make for the ultimate Grand Theft Auto experience, players sometimes feel like taking a break from all the bloodshed and the violence and kicking back with some low-key activity.

This article takes a look at some of the most engaging sports and activities featured in GTA Online.

5 most entertaining sports and activities to enjoy with friends in GTA Online

#5 Hiking

Image via Ganja Outlaws, Yutube
Image via Ganja Outlaws, Yutube

There is nothing quite as rejuvenating as walking on trails through the woods or the country for recreational purposes - neither in real life nor GTA Online.

Players can hike through the featured mountains, hotspots and even places that are rumored to be rather spooky, like the peak where the ghost of the dead woman often spawns before midnight, glistening eerily under the moonlight. Hiking also allows players to connect with fellow fans and appreciate the open-world design of GTA Online.


#4 Impromptu Races

Impromptu races are insanely popular in GTA Online because they do not follow the traditional route and prioritize fun over the mundane laws of physics. Nothing beats an evening spent killing others in a battle of wills.

Players can challenge friends and fellow fans to an impromptu race, decide on a venue and get those lightning-fast beasts out for a spin.

#3 Golf

While golf may be criminally underrated in real life, it is one of the most popular sports in GTA Online.

Golf allows players some much-needed respite from all the bomb blasts and gunfire in the streets, and pumps them for the chaos unfolding in the game. The crisp quality of the moving graphics and the robust texture of the featured fields make Golf one of the most engaging activities in GTA Online.


#2 Tennis

Tennis, like golf, is another popular sport in GTA Online. Despite its rudimentary layout and goals, tennis makes for a fun play-day with friends and fellow players. It's also a great way to take a break from the overwhelming chaos of the game and focus, for a few hours, on beating people with a racket rather than a lethal blaster.

#1 Dogfights

This is perhaps a rather underrated sport in GTA Online, which is ironic since it's the most fun. Dogfights are the single most fascinating activity for players who love anything to do with fighter jets and aviation. Knocking people dead while flirting with the clouds makes for the ultimate GTA Online experience. Definitely one of the best activities featured in the game.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 20:21 IST
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