GTA 6 leaks' hacker's identity has allegedly been confirmed

A recent report might have given information about the identity of the person behind GTA 6 leaks (Image via Sportskeeda)
A recent report might have given information about the identity of the person behind GTA 6 leaks (Image via Sportskeeda)

It is the second day of GTA 6 leaks and it looks like the hacker might have been identified as per a new report.

According to a tweet by video game enthusiast, Michael, the hacker behind the GTA 6 leaks is none other than the leader of the Lapsus$ ransomware gang as per Breach, an online hacker forum. The leader has reportedly been identified as a 16-year-old boy from the United Kingdom.

GTA 6 hacker might be the same person who was responsible for Uber and other security breaches

As seen in the aforementioned tweet, Michael reported that the hacker is claimed to be none other than the same individual who hacked Uber previously, according to the online hacker forum. He is reportedly a young boy from the UK, 16 years of age, and leader of the famous Lapsus$ ransomware gang.

The hacker also previously breached the security of some of the major companies in the world, including Nvidia, Ubisoft, and Microsoft, as reported by the source.

In a previous tweet, the source also reported that the teen's name is Arion, who goes online with names "White" or "Breachbase." Here’s the complete tweet:

This is a huge piece of news as the hacker had previously threatened Rockstar Games stating that he could leak more data, but wanted to negotiate a deal with them.

More about the recent GTA 6 leak

Jason Schreier, a famous Bloomberg reporter, was one of the first to confirm all the leaks to be true, shaking the entire gaming industry. He stated that the whole situation is like a “nightmare for Rockstar Games."

Tom Henderson, a video game enthusiast and community insider, reported the incident, sharing a screenshot of the hacker’s post where the guilty stated that he has the source codes for both Grand Theft Auto 5 and 6.

As of today, the hacker has leaked over 90 different clips showcasing various aspects of the upcoming game.

Even though he has shut down his Telegram account, for now, players have seen footage already, suggesting that the game will indeed be set in the beloved Vice City after all these years. They will be able to visit the iconic city based in Miami once again, but with a modernized look and feel to it.

Some footage also gave a glimpse of the two new protagonists, one male and one female. Apart from that, a lot of different features and animations of GTA 6 could be seen as well. These include the new and improved Weapon Wheel, character swapping, vehicle interior elements, driving mechanisms, weapon gameplay, and many more that players were not supposed to see.

Rockstar recently released a statement stating that they are disappointed with the current event, but are dedicated to building GTA 6 which they will introduce to fans when it is ready.

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