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San Fierro Mod brings the iconic city to GTA 5 with great detail

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Modified 24 Feb 2021

Fans of San Fierro should be pleased in knowing that there's a great mod that brings it, alongside Las Venturas, to GTA 5.

San Fierro is a city, that strangely, has never been seen again in-person since GTA San Andreas. It's only appeared once in the GTA franchise, yet its one appearance is enough for fans of the San Francisco-inspired town to clamor for its return. As there are no immediate plans to bring back San Fierro in any capacity, fans have resorted to GTA 5 mods for their entertainment.

Mods are an amazing aspect for the GTA community; it allows them to replay a GTA title however they want. Some want graphical improvements, while others seek radically different gameplay altogether. In the case with this GTA 5 mod, it's technically a mix of both; fans want to see a better-looking San Fierro, while the layout of San Fierro (and Las Venturas) changes how the game feels.

The GTA 5 San Fierro Mod

GTA 5 mods tend not to look as realistic as the original base game, but this GTA 5 San Fierro mod still looks good. It's noticeably better looking than GTA San Andreas's depiction of the city, and it still includes the GTA 5 elements some fans love. It doesn't change GTA 5 to be more like GTA San Andreas; rather, it takes some great aspects from that game and makes it more suitable for GTA 5.

It should be noted that this mod works best with some other mods, such as the No Boundaries mod, to ensure a smooth playing experience. It is also interesting to note that this mod is a conversion of a previous San Fierro mod that was in GTA IV. Obviously, it was touched upon, and it wasn't a 1:1 conversion.


Reliving San Fierro

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Once a player installs everything they need and want, they can enjoy San Fierro in GTA 5. It is northwest of the original GTA 5 map, so players can still go back to the old map if they wish to. Of course, this is another reason why the No Boundaries mod is beneficial in conjunction with the Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC Remastered mod. Las Venturas is included, but this article will solely focus on San Fierro as the main target.

San Fierro's likeness was perfectly created in this mod. One would think that San Fierro would've changed a bit since 1992, but it is a mod primarily focused on recreating nostalgia. If fans are concerned about playing GTA 5 within San Fierro, this is the definitive mod to check out.

The great details


As previously mentioned, this mod's details aren't quite on par with Rockstar Games' details in GTA 5. After all, it wouldn't be fair to compare a titan within the gaming industry to a few fans. Still, this GTA 5 mod looks great for fans of San Fierro.

All of the old details from the original San Fierro are brought to life here, with the main difference being that the vegetation has been vastly improved. GTA San Andreas is a fun game, but the trees don't look so great in the game. Replacing it with GTA 5's version is a great step forward for fans of graphical improvements. Aside from that, it's a general improvement on the original San Fierro.

Published 24 Feb 2021, 03:13 IST
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