Should players invest in a Hangar in GTA Online?

A business goes a long way in establishing a player's criminal empire in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
A business goes a long way in establishing a player's criminal empire in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
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Once players find a good sense of rhythm in GTA Online (by completing a series of heists and finding game modes they are comfortable with), the next logical step is to get a business.

A business goes a long way in establishing a player's criminal empire in GTA Online. To set up a business in the game, players usually buy property and utilize it to set up various kinds of illegal activities. For instance, players can run different kinds of narcotics and document forgery through the MC Clubhouse to make tons of cash.

Similarly, a Hangar is more than just a storage space for jets and planes as it also allows the player to make money through smuggling.

The Hangar in GTA Online


There are 5 Hangars in GTA Online that are identical (except for their location). The Fort Zancudo Hangar has special privileges since it allows the player to not get a wanted level when approaching the location.

The cheapest Hangar (LSIA) is worth $1,200,000. The most expensive one is the Fort Zancudo Hangar A2, which is worth $3,250,000.

To start one's own smuggling business, players can simply follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the office present within the Hangar.
  2. Access Free Trade Shipping Co.
  3. Start the first set-up mission, then resupply, and eventually sell.

The Air Freight Cargo business works very much like Special Cargo. These are the types of Cargo that players will need to maintain stock within the Hangar. Upon completion of the source mission, players will receive Trade Prices on various vehicles in Warstock Cache and Carry as well as Elitas Travels in GTA Online.

Players can check the amount of cargo they have within the Hangar from the Free Trade Shipping laptop within the office. Similar to gunrunning, the first steal mission is a set-up, which the player can do quite easily.

Does Hangar work pay well?


The general consensus is that Air Freight Cargo by itself isn't all that great, with it being one of the lesser valued businesses in GTA Online. But that doesn't mean the player should avoid it at all costs. It can be pretty helpful in unlocking Trade Prices for a lot of aircraft.

Plus, Air Freight Cargo can be worth double or even triple the payout during certain weeks in the game. So, if the player has the money to spend and can afford to drop a million or three, the Hangar is a decent purchase.

However, for those who are just starting out in GTA Online, the Hangar isn't one of the most important purchases in the game.

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