Should Rockstar now announce GTA 6 after Los Santos Tuners update?

Should GTA 6 be announced this year? (Images via Rockstar Games and zazzles500, DeviantArt)
Should GTA 6 be announced this year? (Images via Rockstar Games and zazzles500, DeviantArt)

With the recent update for GTA Online, fans have revived a common recurring question - will Rockstar finally announce GTA 6? The Los Santos Tuners came out on 20th July and was received with much fan appreciation.

It brought a myriad of content related to the underground tuner scene and proved to be much more than what players expected. Last year's Cayo Perico Heist was equally successful, bringing a much-needed improvement to the earning system in GTA Online.

The hype for the latest update was ignited when Rockstar announced Los Santos Tuners on July 15th. But now that it's out of the way, the growing anxiety regarding the next GTA title has risen once again.

Would it be best for Rockstar to announce GTA 6 now that Los Santos Tuners has been released?

This year's summer update was released with a bang, including numerous necessary features alongside impressive tuner-related content. Up until July, GTA fans had several reasons to be anxious about, such as the summer update, the Enhanced and Expanded Edition, and GTA 6.

But since the update has now been released, their attention has fallen back to GTA 6. Although some players are excited about the next-generation console release, most fans have had enough of GTA 5 ports. They merely want to hear something about GTA 6 from the official source.

There have been plenty of rumors and supposed leaks over the years, and they're still coming out regularly. None of these can be taken too seriously, even though some sources are more reliable than others. Yet Rockstar has been surprisingly quiet about the game.

Is Rockstar planning to announce GTA 6 after the Expanded and Enhanced Edition?

The first few teaser trailers for GTA 5 came out just before the release of the game itself. Even the trailer for the recent update came out only a few days before its release. Rockstar is known to never let secrets out, and unlike what CDPR did with Cyberpunk 2077, it is unlikely that Rockstar will announce GTA 6 so soon.

The recent claims by Tom Henderson indicate that GTA 6 will not be coming out before at least 2024. This means that players might have to wait a few more years for any word on the game. Thus, GTA fan should not get their hopes up and expect Rockstar to make an announcement anytime soon.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod

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