Solo players react positively to GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update

There's more to this update than flashy sports cars (Image via Rockstar Games)
There's more to this update than flashy sports cars (Image via Rockstar Games)

Criminal Enterprises isn't even out, yet GTA Online players are already liking what they're seeing.

"Quality of life" is the perfect way to describe the summer update. Rockstar is already planning several upgrades for various businesses. The company also wants a smoother gameplay experience in GTA Online. Last but not least, they are finally taking aim towards griefers.

Of course, the biggest change involves the ability to run businesses in private sessions. This means that solo players no longer have to worry about losing their products, all because they have to deal with other players.

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Solo players have expressed their gratitude for the upcoming changes in GTA Online

Twitter feedback has been very positive

Solo players always wanted the chance to play Sell Missions by themselves. It's rather difficult running businesses in chaotic lobbies, especially when under a strict time limit. GTA Online griefers never miss a chance to ruin someone's game. That's why many have needed these changes for a long time.

In the meantime, some players can't wait until July 26th. That's when the Criminal Enterprises update will arrive on all systems. With less than a week away from today, players don't have to be patient for long.

Some players may not like how the update will nerf the Cayo Perico solo heists. Regardless, GTA Online wants to make sure that they don't neglect their businesses. Several properties can make passive money, which solo players can now take advantage of.

Solo mode used to be difficult for various reasons

Before the latest update, GTA Online players could only run businesses through public lobbies. They would first have to register as CEOs/VIPs. However, that wasn't possible in private sessions, so there was no way they couldn't run into other players. Solo players were greatly restricted in this regard.

Sometimes missions can also be too difficult to complete in a public setting. For example, some Nightclub jobs require players to drive around in unprotected vehicles. Griefers could end their entire runs with a single explosion. This would result in a failed mission and a downward trend in popularity.

GTA Online is a multiplayer experience, but some players would rather do it themselves. The summer update finally addresses these concerns by making it possible. Solo players can now run their businesses without any worries. They can even invite their friends to make it easier.

GTA Online will be a much better game for solo players

For several years, solo players often felt left out. While most of the game favors multiplayer experiences, those moments can be hit-or-miss. The success of businesses is entirely dependant on avoiding or surviving griefers. Public lobbies will always have at least one.

Starting with the Criminal Enterprises update, solo players have more ways to make money. They no longer have to go public if they want to run a nightclub, perform CEO duties, or sell their products.

Players can reap in the rewards without all the risk. This is the main takeaway from this summer's update. Some might even return, now that griefers won't be as much of an issue as before.

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