Sykkuno bumps into Corpse Husband in GTA RP, and it was downright hilarious 

Corpse Husband finally joins the GTA RP server (Image via Sportskeeda)
Corpse Husband finally joins the GTA RP server (Image via Sportskeeda)

For many days now, people have been wondering about the possibility of Corpse Husband joining the NoPixel GTA RP server. It feels like the time has finally come, as his dear friend and Among Us sensation Sykkuno bumped into him for the first time and was left in stitches.

The GTA RP server has been breaking records on Twitch since its update in February this year. Even though some players have quit, taking a small break from roleplaying, others like Sykkuno, summit1g and xQc are still going strong.

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Sykkuno bumped into Corpse Husband shortly after he had started his stream for the day and had already planned his criminal antics. He was heading to the apartments, which are a staple spot for meeting other roleplayers, and broke out laughing as soon as he spotted the faceless YouTuber.

“What? That’s not Cookie!” Sykkuno said before he started laughing, realizing he’d just met Corpse.

Even though Sykkuno and Corpse Husband are really good friends, the stream got a little clumsy as the two tried exchanging numbers to partake in healthy roleplay but the former just couldn't stop laughing.

Corpse Husband and Disguised Toast join the GTA RP server

Just a few days ago, the faceless YouTuber broke his three week hiatus to come online and speak to his honest patrons.

Sadly, Corpse Husband announced that his streams would become less frequent as he was taking time off to work on bigger projects and focus on health, which has deteriorated. In addition, expectations of a face reveal continue to baffle him.

Disguised Toast, on the other hand, announced that Among Us didn't excite him anymore and that he was struggling to look for ways to keep the title alive.

The Canadian streamer had previously stated that he wouldn't be joining the GTA RP server. But it wasn't long before he joined the bandwagon and from what it looks like, he seems to be having a good time.

Whether or not Corpse sticks around GTA RP for too long remains to be seen. But his addition to the server had undoubtedly made things more interesting.

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