Terror mod menu for GTA 5: How to download on PC, features, and more

Mods should only be used in Grand Theft Auto 5 (Images via Sportskeeda)
Mods should only be used in Grand Theft Auto 5 (Images via Sportskeeda)

Modding is an unfortunate method many GTA Online players use to protect themselves from harmful griefers. Most mods are used by those who want to cheat and consume all of the rewards without grinding, making the entire game unfair for others who are not using these tools.

But in recent times, Rockstar Games has created strict rules and policies regarding modding in Grand Theft Auto Online. So, if users are caught modding in an online lobby, they will most likely get banned. Therefore, modding should now only be done in Grand Theft Auto 5.

For gamers who want to try modding safely, this article talks about one of the most popular mod menus, Terror, which they can play around with in GTA 5.

Terror mod menu for GTA 5: Everything players need to know

What is it?


It is an internal trainer for Grand Theft Auto 5 that players can also use in Grand Theft Auto Online since it injects without being noticed by any anti-cheat software. However, this does not guarantee their safety in the latter, so they should only use this mod menu in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Users can detonate bombs, destroy cars, and get items using the terror mod menu. The feature includes spawning vehicles, altering the weather, and funding their accounts and is accessible via the pause menu.

From where can players download Terror menu for GTA 5?


Two of the most popular websites that gamers use to download this mod menu are Gtacache and Mistermodzz. Again, there is no guarantee that the mod menu will install properly and everything will work flawlessly.

As the Terror mod menu is a free software, it is less reliable than the paid ones, so players need to research carefully and think clearly before clicking on any link to download this mod menu.

They are solely responsible for the consequences if something happens to their system.

Installing Terror mod menu in GTA 5?


Depending on the version of the Terror mod menu users have downloaded, the installation steps might be different, but generally, they have to download the file and then run it.

After that, the mod menu will either automatically inject itself into Grand Theft Auto 5 when gamers open it, or they will have to inject it after opening the game manually. They have to click on the "*" symbol to open up the menu and start using it.

Features of Terror mod menu


The Terror mod menu contains almost all features that fans can expect from a mod menu, such as producing bags of cash, spawning vehicles, weapons, or any other in-game items that players need to make their gameplay a little easier.

Moreover, it also has a simple design that is easy to understand and use, thus eliminating any kind of complex learning that readers must get past to use this mod menu effectively. It also functions very well, without causing lag or crashes when used in the single-player mode.

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