10 best GTA 5 mod menus in 2022

Mod menus can turn the game into a movie set (Image via ShahidTheGamer, YouTube)
Mod menus can turn the game into a movie set (Image via ShahidTheGamer, YouTube)

Mod menus are vital for players who have explored every nook and cranny of GTA 5 and wish to change the experience completely. These mods/applications grant greater control and allow one to modify all aspects of the game. Players require these to insert certain add-ons, especially buildings and props.

A mod menu/trainer can also remove the need to use cheats or exploits. Mod menus have also been invaluable to content creators who like to showcase several unique mods and prefer more control for making intriguing videos.

This article picks out several mod menus and ranks them based on how useful they are.

Some of the best trainers for GTA 5 PC edition

10) MysteriousSP


This is a simple trainer where the menu has to be navigated with the numpad buttons. Players without a numpad might not be able to get it to work. It works as a basic trainer with a list of functions that have been updated with subsequent updates.

Although the trainer is obsolete, it seems to be compatible with the latest version of the game. Apart from the usual god mode, money, and other similar cheat options, this trainer also has some bizarre features. These include rainbow vehicles, money ammo, firework ammo, slingshot vehicles, rainbow guns, and more.

9) QF Mod Menu


The description for this mod menu reads that it was intended "to be an ever evolving set of interesting features." However, there has been no update since version 0.4 in 2015.

The features in this mod are closer to popular trainers like Menyoo and Simple Trainer. In fact, it is based on the original Native Trainer mod menu.

8) Callen's GTA V - Single Player Mod Menu

The downloads page on Callen's website (Image via Callen Dev.)
The downloads page on Callen's website (Image via Callen Dev.)

Callen is a modder who has made a few interesting tools for GTA 5. This includes a save manager, a tool for clearing all temporary files from the 'temp' folder, and a mod menu.

The mod is quite simple with some basic functions like god mode, money cheat, a vehicle spawner, and more.

7) Firah Menu


The Firah mod menu is a basic GTA 5 trainer that includes all of the necessary elements. This trainer also features certain strange and unusual abilities like the Force Powers from Star Wars.

Firah, like the other mod menus, hasn't been updated in years, with the most recent one being in 2016. Hence, cars from the majority of Online DLCs cannot be acquired via the vehicle spawner.

6) Rampage Trainer


Rampage is one of the more popular trainers for the game, and it is regularly updated. The last update came out in December, five days after The Contract DLC came out. Hence, players will be getting most of the newer vehicles with this trainer unlike the earlier ones.

Rampage Trainer comes with some of the more advanced features like spawning bodyguards and changing NPC behavior.

5) Add-On Vehicle Spawner


As the name indicates, this is a simple vehicle spawner and not a fully-fleshed-out mod menu. It works by automatically recognizing all add-on vehicles and provides a simple way to spawn them.

This might be preferred by those who don't wish to use trainers and simply want to spawn their modded vehicles.

4) PC Trainer V


PC Trainer V is the PC port of Console Trainer V, an old mod menu for the first PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of GTA 5. This contains every feature that players could want in a trainer - customizing cars on the go, saving customization, spawning bodyguard NPCs, customizing their appearance, and more.

Players should, however, keep in mind that it hasn't been updated since 2019.

3) Enhanced Native Trainer


Enhanced Native Trainer is one of the most downloaded trainers for GTA 5. This updated version of the trainer was not made by the official modder who created the original.

Players can change the default key configuration used to control this mod menu. They can also customize their character's skins, vehicles, weapons and more with this mod menu.

2) Simple Trainer


This is one of the most feature-rich trainers for GTA 5. Choosing between this and Menyoo comes down to how simplistic players want their trainer to be. Simple Trainer lives up to its name with its easy-to-use interface, but it has a plethora of features.

It comes with all basic trainer features, a basic speedometer, and extensive customizability through the trainerv.ini file.

1) Menyoo PC


Menyoo is easily the most popular trainer ever made for GTA 5. This is because no other trainer can match the sheer amount of options it provides. Menyoo has been popularized by several prominent GTA YouTubers and streamers.

It has all the ordinary and essential features like cheat abilities, bodyguards, customization, weather, map, add-on items/vehicles, and more.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions.

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