Top 5 best investments that players can make in GTA Online

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Image via GTA Wiki

While there is a ton of decent stuff in GTA Online that novice players can spend their hard-earned bucks on, making the right investments is the key to generating a substantial income and leveling up in the game.

Part of the reason why GTA Online is so irresistibly engaging is the robust and realistic nature of the game. The players don't just go from rags to riches without putting in the work and doing their fair share of grinding. This is where passive businesses and investments come in. They help the player generate extra streams of income and save up for the future.

This article talks about five of the best investments players can make in GTA Online.

Top 5 best investments that players can make in GTA Online

#5 High-End Apartment:


Investing in a high-end apartment is like saving up for the future instead of shelling out all one has on pretty little things that the player may not even need in the long run. Not only does a high-end apartment ensure a good deal of return on investment, it also functions as a "planning room" for Heist missions in GTA Online.

Only the Doomsday Heist, the Diamond Casino Heist and the Cayo Perico Heist do not need a high-end apartment, as they have their own property requirements. The rest cannot be accessed without purchasing an apartment, and an expensive one at that, since small and medium apartments just won't cut it.

#4 The Armored Kuruma


This is a lightning-fast, hunky-strong vehicle that needs no introduction in GTA Online and always makes a great case for itself. The Armored Kuruma has long been hailed as one of the most useful cars in GTA Online.

Not only does the Kuruma exhibit top-notch performance on the fast lane, it also puts up one heck of a fight against impromptu attacks and relentless bullet-fire, which is perhaps what it is best known for. Definitely one of the best investments players can make in GTA Online.

#3 CEO Office


In a world as acquisitive as GTA Online, players must go the extra mile in order to live the good life, and a CEO office is a great place to start, if not the ultimate goal. After registering as a CEO, the player will be able to invest in import/export warehouses, enjoy exclusive perks and source VIP vehicles for free.

#2 The Buzzard


GTA Online Online features a number of mind-boggling vehicles. From weaponized land beasts like the Vigilante to futuristic wonders like the Toreador, the game has it all, but when it comes to military helicopters, none quite outclass the insanely popular Buzzard Attack Chopper.

Recorded at a top speed of 145.00 mph (233.35 km/h), not only is the Buzzard one of the fastest vehicles in GTA Online, it's also incredibly powerful and can annihilate the enemy in the blink of an eye. Players will be hard-pressed to get through the perilous world of GTA Online without owning this statement of unparalleled power and luxury.

#1 The Oppressor MK 2


Speaking of devastating vehicles, who can forget the Oppressor MK 2, the unchallenged symbol of power in GTA Online. Not only does this lightning-fast beast completely defy the laws of physics and embrace the folds of artistic imagery, but it also sets the bar high for its contemporaries.

While there are a number of ways to have fun in GTA Online, nothing beats a day spent blasting virtual goons apart while flying a futuristic bike over the sprawling city.

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