5 reasons why the Oppressor Mk II will forever be an iconic part of GTA Online

Image via IGN (YouTube)
Image via IGN (YouTube)
Alan Sahbegovic

Love it or hate it, it's hard to deny that the Oppressor Mk II is an iconic part of GTA Online.

When one thinks of GTA Online and its numerous vehicles, the Oppressor Mk II is bound to stand out for several reasons. First, it's a flying bike. For old-school GTA fans, this is absolutely absurd to think about. Add explosive weapons to the mix and it's easy to see why so many GTA Online players get frustrated when they bump into an Oppressor Mk II in a lobby.

Some reasons are positive, some are negative. After all, the Oppressor Mk II is a divisive vehicle that has its legions of fans and legions of detractors. It has yet to be fully powercrept in GTA Online, so haters of this controversial bike are going to have to wait a lot longer until it's no longer a relevant topic of discussion.

Five reasons why the Oppressor Mk II will forever be an iconic part of GTA Online

#5 - It was a sign of severe powercreep

Image via USgamer
Image via USgamer

Comparing the Oppressor Mk II to the vehicles before isn't fair to those vehicles. The Oppressor Mk II single-handedly altered the GTA Online metagame, with some of those effects still being felt to this day. Regular motorcycles are completely obsolete, and flying cars is the norm. Compare that to the early days of GTA Online, and it's like a night and day difference.

In some ways, powercreep has gotten worse in GTA Online. Players have begged Rockstar to nerf the Oppressor Mk II but to no avail. Worse off, players dread events that put the Oppressor Mk II on a discount. It doesn't help that the Oppressor Mk II is easy to use.

#4 - Its notoriety is referenced in-game

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
"Have you ever tried shooting the missiles at the people on the flying bikes? Great sport here in America."

Rockstar is well-aware of the reputation that the Oppressor Mk II carries with itself. So much so that Pavel, an important GTA Online character for the Cayo Perico Heist, references the controversial bike as seen in the quote above. It's not often when a game developer deliberately pokes fun at something so meta, but that is part of Pavel's shtick.

It is humorous to imagine Pavel shooting at some random player riding on an Oppressor Mk II. Still, fighting back against a player on an Oppressor Mk II in GTA Online can be a fun experience if the player wins. Likewise, being on the Oppressor Mk II and shooting down other players is also a blast to do.

#3 - Insane griefing potential

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

One of the main reasons the Oppressor Mk II is so popular is because of how easy it is to use. A common trait players tend to hate in online video games is low-skill floors and being meta. The Oppressor Mk II has both traits, which makes it frustrating when some players are trying to use something that requires more "skill," only to be blown up effortlessly.

As a result, lesser-skilled players can use the Oppressor Mk II to fight other, more skilled players. It's not an auto-win condition, but it significantly improves one's chances to win (especially if they can't aim). For victims of the Oppressor Mk II, its infamy will live on forever. When one thinks of griefers in GTA Online, the Oppressor Mk II is often thought of as their signature vehicle of choice.

#2 - Loads of YouTube videos associated with it


Even if GTA Online is shut down one day, the YouTube videos associated with the Oppressor Mk II will be around for many years to come. Perhaps it's a salty child being unable to kill somebody despite being on the flying broomstick. Perhaps it's a troll video where people are seething for the most minor of reasons.

Either way, it's hard to argue that the Oppressor Mk II isn't one of the most iconic vehicles in GTA Online based on the sheer amount of YouTube videos there are of it. It doesn't even have to be comedic in nature either. Simply seeing an informative video where the infamous bike is brought up is good enough.

#1 - Fans still talk about it to this day


It's not uncommon to see the Oppressor Mk II trending in relation to GTA news. Whether it's simple articles like this one or the various Reddit posts talking about it, the Oppressor Mk II is always on some GTA Online player's mind. As long as it's a pivotal part of the GTA Online metagame, this reason will always be relevant.

It's not even that the Oppressor Mk II is the best vehicle in the game, because it's not even in the top five truthfully. However, its reputation makes it an iconic part of GTA Online, which further fuels some players' frustration with the numerous flying bikes.

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