Top 5 most expensive assets in GTA Online

most expensive assets in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
most expensive assets in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Online boasts a number of notoriously expensive assets, each more tempting than the other.

From high-end apartments and luxury yachts to weaponized jets, GTA Online features a great array of assets. That being said, not every asset in the game is worth paying through the nose for.

Some may look unique and important, but in reality, they're little more than money-grabbing additions.

This article talks about 5 of the most expensive assets featured in GTA Online.

5 most ludicrously expensive things in GTA Online in 2021

5) CEO Office


The CEO office is one of the most important properties featured in GTA Online and makes for one heck of an investment. Not only does it allow players to participate in various, incredibly interesting jobs, but it also enables them to start insanely profitable business ventures.

However, the CEO office does cost a good chunk of money in GTA Online. The cheapest office costs a whopping $1,000,000 in GTA and the most expensive one is priced at $4,000,000.

4) Vehicle Warehouse


While expensive, the vehicle warehouse makes for another exceptionally lucrative business in GTA Online. The cheapest vehicle warehouse is priced at $250,000, and the most expensive one, Darnel Bros Warehouse located in La Mesa, costs $3.500.000.

3) Special Cargo Warehouse


The special cargo warehouse, like the vehicle warehouse, costs a good deal of money in GTA Online. However, it is one of the best properties players can buy in the game.

Special Cargo missions are also relatively easy as well as fun. The cheapest small warehouse in GTA Online costs $250,000.

2) Luxor Deluxe


While great in the looks department, the Luxor Deluxe is one of those assets in GTA Online that makes for a really poor purchase. The Deluxe offers nothing different or unique when compared to any other jet in GTA Online.

If there is one asset that players don't even need to keep on their radar, it is this shiny glamor of a plane. It costs a whopping $10,000,000.

1) The Galaxy Super Yacht


Another shiny asset that makes for a ridiculously useless purchase in GTA Online. While the Yacht definitely turns heads wherever it goes, it's not very practical and has a lot of hidden costs to it, making for a really poor investment.

It can range from anywhere between $6,00,000 to $10,00,000.

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