Top 5 most expensive cars in GTA Online

GTA Online features a number of expensive assets (Image via GTA Wiki)
GTA Online features a number of expensive assets (Image via GTA Wiki)

Making money is an intrinsic part of GTA Online because most of the high-end assets featured in the multiplayer game are notoriously expensive.

That, however, does not mean they are not worth paying through the nose for.

On the contrary, most of them make for must-have purchases in GTA Online. Some, admittedly, are not worth the big bucks, take the yacht for instance, but most will make for great investments.

This article talks about 5 of the most expensive cars in GTA Online.

5 most expensive vehicles in GTA Online

5) Progen PR4


Price: $3,515,000

One look at the majestic PR4 will tell players why it costs a small fortune. This open-wheel car is not only incredibly fast but also exceptionally nimble. In the looks department it barely has any competition.

Capable of accelerating like a lightning-fast god of technology and able to retain its top speed even when tackling tricky corners, the PR4 is arguably one of the best vehicles in GTA Online and deserves all the buzz surrounding it.

4) Grotti Vigilante


Price: $3,750,000

The Vigilante has been in the news before as one of the most dashing vehicles in GTA Online. Equipped with the best tools and recorded at an exceptionally high top speed, the Vigilante always makes a great case for itself, barely requiring any explanation for why it's priced so highly.

While GTA Online features a number of bulky vehicles, not many are as good at ramming small vehicles out of the way as the Vigilante and that alone makes it worth all the big bucks.

3) Coil Rocket Voltic


Price: $3,830,400

Trade Price: $2,880,000

Inspired by the Tesla Roadster, as well as the Lotus Elise, the Rocket Voltic is one of the most efficient vehicles in GTA Online if there ever was one.

Featuring butter-smooth handling and the ability to tackle unexpected corners with impressive ease, the Rocket Voltic makes for one heck of a purchase in GTA Online.

2) Declasse Scramjet


Price: $4,628,400

Trade Price: $3,480,000

GTA Online boasts a number of rocket-ship cars but the likes of the Scramjet have seldom been seen before. Being able to ram vehicles and send them flying through the air is one thing, but being able to take to the skies and perform mid-air flips is another.

The Scramjet is simply one of the most thrill-focused vehicles in GTA Online and is worth all the buzz in the world. At $3,480,000, it's more of an investment than a hefty purchase. An absolute must-have.

1) Imponte Deluxo


Price: $4,721,500

Trade Price: $3,550,000

Some might argue that the Deluxo is way too expensive for such a mediocre flying car, but no one can deny that the futuristic car, inspired by the iconic Back to The Future series and the infamous DeLorean DMC-12, is one of the most entertaining cars in GTA Online, not to mention the most versatile.

At $4,721,500, it might be a lad bit pricey but it definitely makes for a great addition to the player's collection in GTA Online.

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