Top 5 fastest cars in GTA Online for under $1million (November 2021)

Cost-effective excellence (Image via Sportskeeda)
Cost-effective excellence (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA Online players will forever be impressed by the car selection in the game. With cars as cheap as $10,000 or as much a few million dollars in GTA Online, there is a wide variety of choices.

Players often wonder which cars are the fastest in competition against some of the multi-million dollar machines. Does spending all those extra hundreds of thousands of dollars make that big of a difference?

This article will look at the Top 5 fastest cars in GTA Online for under $1million.

GTA Online players can get a lot of cars for under $1million


Players can spend hours searching the web for bargain vehicles in the game. But what are some of the fastest in GTA Online?

5) Vapid Pisswasser Dominator


This Vapid Dominator is not only one of the fastest muscle cars in GTA Online, but it has a low cost of $315,000. A real bargain when considering its top speed of 126.5mph and its excellent handling.

Purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, this Ford Mustang look-alike is a must-buy car. GTA Online players that moved from older consoles like the PS3 to newer ones such as the PS4 or Xbox One were given the Pisswasser Dominator for free when they returned to the game.

4) Progen Itali GTB Custom


When this car was first introduced to GTA Online, it cost over $1.1mil. Thankfully, players can now purchase it from Benny's Original Motorsports for a mere $495,000, half the original cost.

Adding an upgraded engine and transmission, as well as a few other esthetic touches, the players can easily spend their remaining half-million dollars. Its top speed is 127mph, making this McLaren-inspired car a real contender on the tracks.

3) Brovado Banshee 900R


Most GTA Online players should recognize this supercar as one of the first in the game. This is Bravado Banshee 900R.

The fastest out of this Top 5 selection with a top speed of 131mph and only costs $565,000 at Benny's Original Motorsports. It is a fine car to add to the collection, especially if you admire Banshee from previous GTA games.

2) Truffade Nero Custom


Many GTA Online players might remember Nero from the story mode. It can sometimes be found by Michael parked in one specific spot on the map. In GTA Online, this car has taken on a new life of its own. It is, of course, modeled after the Bugatti Chiron.

With a top speed of 127.25 mph and available from Benny's Original Motorsports for a modest $605,000 this car is a steal. It can also be upgraded and made a little faster, keeping the total bill under $1mil.

1) Enus Paragon R


The Bentley Continental GT look-alike is the stunning Enus Paragon R. Almost every player loves the style of this masterpiece of engineering on GTA Online. With a top speed of 123.5mph, it may not be the fastest of the Top 5, but it is fully upgradeable and certainly one of the best-looking fast cars in GTA Online.

Reaching the top of the price list, the Enus Paragon R costs $905,000 in GTA Online. There is maybe a little bit of money left to customize the car's colors.

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