5 cheapest cars in GTA Online that are still useful

There are a variety of cheap cars in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
There are a variety of cheap cars in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Online has a wide collection of cheap vehicles. Unsurprisingly, this list will only include the cheapest cars in the game, so the non-car options will not be featured. Likewise, it will only include cars that players have to buy or can be obtained for free, so vehicles that a player can steal won't be eligible for this list.

As far as the order goes, this article will rank these items based on their price.

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5 most useful cars that can be obtained for cheap in GTA Online

#5 - Schafter V12 (Armored)

The Schafter V12 (Armored) (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Schafter V12 (Armored) (Image via GTA Wiki)

In terms of sheer usefulness, the Schafter V12 is the most useful vehicle on this list. However, it is also the most expensive.

The Schafter V12 (Armored) is a popular car in GTA Online, largely thanks to the fact that it's an armored vehicle. It has terrific stats, so if a beginner is willing to save enough money, then they cannot go wrong with purchasing the vehicle.

Fortunately, GTA Online players can also sell the Schafter V12 (Armored) for $195,000 if they get sick of using it (or wish to upgrade to a better vehicle).

#4 - Comet

The Comet (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Comet (Image via GTA Wiki)

The best vehicles in GTA Online will cost the player a few million bucks (most of the time). If they want a car that's decent for the later stages of the game, then the Comet is a good choice.

It's a cheap sports car, and its stats are very good for a car priced at $100,000 in GTA Online. It's also one of the better-looking cars, which isn't something players will usually find in cheap vehicles.

The Comet can go up to 119.50 mph (192.32 km/h), so it can be useful for players seeking a fast car for a low price in GTA Online.

#3 - Faction

The Faction (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Faction (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Willard Faction is a pretty underrated car, given its impressive stats and its price. It only costs $36,000, and players can sell it for $21,600, so it's something every beginner can easily buy if they want a car for Contact Missions or other beginner-friendly activities. The vehicle can go up to 110.75 mph (178.23 km/h).

The Faction is a muscle car, which means it is eligible for races that only involve muscle cars. If a beginner is a fan of races in GTA Online, then they cannot go wrong with buying the Faction if they don't want the Dominator for some reason.

It should be noted that the Dominator is better than the Faction for racing. However, while players can steal the Dominator, they're required to buy the Faction.

#2 - Dune Buggy

The Dune Buggy (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Dune Buggy (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Dune Buggy is the cheapest car a player can buy and sell in GTA Online. For only $20,000, players won't feel a sting for having this off-road vehicle in their arsenal. Many other cheap options do terribly off-road, so it's nice to have a vehicle that actually specializes in this category. It can be sold for $12,000 later on, so players will only lose $8,000 if they buy this car in GTA Online.

As one might expect from a cheap vehicle, the Dune Buggy isn't a particularly great vehicle for its stats. Still, its extremely low cost and its usefulness on all roads make it a decent enough vehicle in GTA Online

#1 - Elegy RH8

The Elegy RH8 (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Elegy RH8 (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Elegy RH8 would normally cost $95,000, which is far more expensive than some of the other options on this list. However, players can also get it for free if they're registered with the Social Club. As far as freebies go, the Elegy RH8 is simply amazing.

Unlike other freebies, the Elegy RH8 will always be available for free as long as players meet the previous criteria.

The Elegy RH8 is capable of going up to 118.50 mph (190.71 km/h), which is fairly impressive. Its acceleration and handling are also pretty great, so it can help carry a player through the beginning stages of GTA Online until they can get a more useful and expensive vehicle.

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