Top 5 GTA 6 leaks that simply cannot be true

GTA 6 is generating an insane amount of hype (Image via ZarGames, DeviantArt)
GTA 6 is generating an insane amount of hype (Image via ZarGames, DeviantArt)
Rajarshi Acharya

Despite there being so many GTA 6 leaks, only a select few are reliable. The majority of leaks coming out are easily discernable as fakes.

GTA 6 is the biggest thing on every GTA fan's mind right now. The hype surrounding the upcoming game is astronomical, so it makes sense that there are so many alleged leaks.

Rockstar Games hasn't even made any official announcement regarding GTA 6, not even confirming the game's existence. Yet, the anticipation among fans is reaching sky-high levels. This article looks at some most blatantly fake GTA 6 leaks to come out.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of its writer.

GTA 6: 5 leaks that are most likely untrue

1) 2018 map leak


The first GTA 6 map leak came out without any detailed information. It showed two different maps, one of which was presumably Vice City. The other seemed to be based on Rio de Janeiro.

This came out when people were anticipating both the Americas to be present in the new game. These map leaks seemed to point towards the same but were too poorly made to be believable.

2) 2021 map leak


Map leaks are one of the most effective ways of getting fans all excited. In July of this year, there was a map leak that apparently showed many of the shops and activities in GTA 6.

However, the community deemed this to be fake, judging by the shaky camera footage and the poor quality of the map.

3) 4chan AMA leak

There was a 4chan leak this year where the anonymous OP posted an extensive list. It detailed all the information regarding GTA 6 and its supposed features. He posted this as an AMA (ask me anything) for other users to interact with him.

Unfortunately, it seemed too detailed to be authentic and was debunked by fans. The original post was also deleted from 4chan. It seemed to be inspired by the Project Americas rumor that Inside Gaming shared through their video.

4) JackOLantern1982 Reddit leak

JackOLantern1982, a Redditor, posted a leak on the platform that was eerily similar to the 4chan leak. Apart from a few details, almost everything lined up with what was said on the 4chan post.

This also seemed to be inspired by the Project Americas leak, as it claimed an 80s setting and a Narcos-influenced plot for GTA 6. Prominent games journalist Jason Schreier pointed out that any leak with this many bullet-points is always fake.

5) GTA 6 gameplay screenshot leak

One of the leaked
One of the leaked "screenshots" (Image via Imgur)

Another leak came in the form of supposed gameplay screenshots. A Redditor named Robultz was the first to post them, claiming that he received them from a prominent GTA 5 RP community member.

Most fans dismissed the pictures as fakes pointing out that the screenshots were from Cities: Skylines. Someone pointed out the redundant buildings, which would make sense in a city-building simulation game.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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