Top 5 GTA Online Casino Podium vehicles of 2021 so far

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Driving is a big thing in GTA Online and it's no wonder that Rockstar allows players to win some for free every now and then.

The Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino Heist gives them 7 shots to win the vehicle of the week. The spins are free if the player owns a penthouse in GTA Online. For those who don't, it costs $500 a spin. The wheel can only be spun once a day.

This article talks about 5 of the best podium vehicles featured in GTA Online.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's views

5 best Casino Podium vehicles of 2021 in GTA Online

5) Overflod Entity XF:


Not many GTA Online vehicles boast the kind of look that the incredibly sleek and sturdy Entity XF possesses and if that wasn't enough, the vehicle also does one heck of a job of leaving many cars of its kind in the dust, claiming a relatively permanent spot in the limelight.

The Entity XF features great top speed, quick acceleration and nimble handling, making for one of the best podium vehicles in GTA Online as of 2021.

4) Enus Windsor Drop


Enus cars have been in the news before as some of the most efficient vehicles in GTA Online and the Windsor Drop is a particularly good one. It boasts excellent performance, smooth handling and quick acceleration, making it a great addition to the player's garage in GTA Online.

3) HVY Nightshark


This four-door SUV is one of the most popular armored vehicles in GTA Online. Equipped with a sturdy frame and powerful armor, the Nightshark can take 5 RPGs and about 15 homing rockets before blowing up.

It, however, does not come with bullet-resistant windows but they can be installed upon customization. The Nightshark also features a built-in machine gun on the front.

2) Ocelot Lynx


The Lynx is often hailed as one of the best podium vehicles in GTA Online and rightfully so. That sleek and sturdy frame deserves all the hype in the world and when the Lynx's incredible performance is taken into account, the buzz is definitely understandable.

It boasts excellent acceleration, amazing traction and nippy handling.

1) Truffade Z-type


The Z-type, the vehicle that needs no introduction in GTA Online, as most might have expected, makes it to the top. Rated as the most efficient podium vehicle in GTA Online, the Z-type seems to have reserved a particularly shiny spot in the limelight. It is fast, smooth and, aesthetically, beyond impressive.

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