5 fun, but not meta vehicles in GTA Online

The RC Bandito is a fun novelty to mess around with (Image via GTA Wiki)
The RC Bandito is a fun novelty to mess around with (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Online has received several updates throughout its lifespan, meaning that several fun, but not necessarily efficient, vehicles are available for players to drive.

There are hundreds of vehicles to choose from in GTA Online, so they can't all be efficient in the current metagame. Thankfully, many of these outclassed vehicles are still fun to drive for one reason or another.

They either have silly gimmicks that make them fun to use or they have good traits that made them worthwhile in the past. Either way, they're not currently a must-have for the modern GTA Online metagame.

That can always change in the future, but until then, these are just fun novelty vehicles some GTA Online players like to use.

Five fun vehicles to drive in GTA Online

#5 - Coil Rocket Voltic

The Coil Rocket Voltic (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Coil Rocket Voltic (Image via GTA Wiki)

Although the Coil Rocket Voltic is overpriced for what it brings to the table, it's still an incredibly fun vehicle to drive in GTA Online. It's completely outclassed by vehicles like the Oppressor Mk II and the Toreador, but it was good when it was first introduced.

It's now a fun meme vehicle that some players like to drive. It still has a rocket booster capable of launching it a fair distance. Its stats aren't bad either; the vehicle is just held back by its massive price. Not to mention that GTA Online players cannot sell it.

#4 - Pegassi Oppressor

The OG Oppressor (Image via GTA Wiki)
The OG Oppressor (Image via GTA Wiki)

The original Oppressor has the unfortunate fate of being completely and utterly overshadowed by its successor in practically every conceivable manner. That said, the Oppressor Mk II is a fun vehicle to operate (even with its terrible reputation), so it's good to know that its predecessor is also fun to operate.

It's not as mobile as the Oppressor Mk II, but it's still a lot of fun to drive in GTA Online. It's fast, can glide through the air for a while, and possesses a rocket booster capable of giving it a sudden push when needed.

The Oppressor also has rockets like its successor, meaning that it's more practical than the Rocket Voltic if GTA Online players want an underrated option.

#3 - RC Bandito


The RC Bandito has a lot of interesting quirks that make it stand out as a vehicle. For starters, it's an RC vehicle. Hence, players can drive off the radar with it, which makes messing around with it even more fun.

Second, GTA Online players can spawn it in one location, drive it to a completely different location, and despawn it to go back to the original spawning location. It's a wacky, but fun concept. The RC Bandito can also jump and self-destruct.

There are much better alternatives for PVP, but the RC Bandito is a fun novelty that can catch some players by surprise.

#2 - BF Ramp Buggy


It's a car that also acts as a ramp. It's funny to see other cars driving off of the Ramp Buggy, but its bizarre design also allows the player to flip other vehicles quite easily. Of course, it's also an expensive vehicle, costing $3,192,000 ($2,400,000 at Trade Price).

It's virtually impossible to ram into the Ramp Buggy head-on without some shenanigans thanks to its awkward design. The Ramp Buggy is fun to use for a few laughs, especially if one is playing with their friends in the same lobby.

#1 - Jobuilt Phantom Wedge


The Phantom Wedge is incredibly similar to the Ramp Buggy in terms of awkward designs, although it's not as friendly when it comes to other vehicles jumping off of it. Still, its larger size means that it can bulldoze through several vehicles quite easily.

That said, GTA Online players should keep in mind that it's a one long vehicle, and it can get stuck easily in tight spaces.

NPCs won't be able to ruin the player's day anymore if they are driving this vehicle. It just goes straight ahead, effortlessly flinging other vehicles it comes into contact with in GTA Online.

Sadly, the glass is not bulletproof, which means other GTA Online players can snipe at the driver easily.

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