5 of the most memorable RC missions in the GTA series

Demolition Man is one of the most iconic RC missions out there (Image via GTA Wiki)
Demolition Man is one of the most iconic RC missions out there (Image via GTA Wiki)

RC missions tend to be some of the most memorable missions in the GTA series, for better or worse.

RC Missions has not been a staple in the series since the 3D universe. It has only shown up recently in GTA Online. Unfortunately, many RC missions and vehicles were not received too well in the 3D universe, which may have played a role in its absence from subsequent games.

Some RC missions are associated with the most frustrating ones in the series, which often makes players groan whenever they see an RC vehicle. GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City are the most glaring examples of games that heavily feature RC vehicles, but it has appeared in other 3D titles like GTA Vice City Stories and GTA 3 to some capacity.

Five iconic RC missions in the GTA series

5) Bombs Away! (GTA Vice City)


While there are multiple ways to cheese this mission, the intended method is still noteworthy. Trying to bomb some Cubans who are trafficking drugs at Starfish Island is a strange premise, especially since Tommy is influenced by Auntie Poulet's strange concoction.

Players are given a few RC Planes (RC Barons), so the player does have some leeway in case their original RC vehicle is blown up. Once the Cubans are notified of the player's antics, they will make a run for it. Player must continue their aerial bombing as they drive out to the sea.

4) Domo Arigato Domestoboto (GTA Vice City Stories)


The idea of using a remote-controlled futuristic robot that acts as a maid to one of the antagonists in the game is a pretty neat concept. Fortunately, this RC mission isn't as bad as many of the other RC missions in the series, but it is notable because it's also the last one released for a single-player campaign.

Players get to control the Domestobot in a 1st person POV, and it's as ridiculous as playing as a robot maid would seem. Players are supposed to destroy some of Armando's bearer bonds, but Armando will make the Domestobot do some errands for him from time to time.

Unlike other RC missions with the occasional time limit, Domo Arigato Domestoboto is an easy mission. Hence, it's a fun novelty that won't frustrate the player like some other missions would.

3) New Model Army (GTA San Andreas)


New Model Army is a fun concept. It's basically a board game where CJ assists Zero via an RC Goblin. Unlike Demolition Man, this map is easy to navigate through.

It's one of the best-designed RC missions in the series, which makes it a fitting end to Zero's storyline with Berkley. Removing obstacles that block Zero seems juvenile, but it's a great change of pace from the usual carnage seen in the GTA series.

It's best to do this mission when Zero is blocked by a roadblock, and then have the RC Goblin take care of Berkley's RC Tigers (the little RC tanks). This cheeses the mission, but it's still nice to have an easy RC mission after the previous mission.

2) Supply Lines... (GTA San Andreas)


Fortunately, Supply Lines... is not a mandatory mission. In fact, none of Zero's missions are mandatory (they're completely optional and just unlock his business as an asset for the player to collect money from). GTA San Andreas fans remember this mission as one of the most aggravating missions in the game.

Other than the ridiculous cutscene of Zero being humiliated in his own office, this mission is notorious for being an RC mission with a strict time limit. By this point in the game, players won't have much experience flying planes, and most players that want to complete this mission will do so as soon as it's unlocked.

Hence, they don't get the experience from flight school to help them out. It also doesn't help that the time limit is a nondescript one, as it's tied to the RC Baron's fuel. It's doable for players that have experience with it, but it's understandable why so many GTA San Andreas players despise it.

1) Demolition Man (GTA Vice City)


Unlike Supply Lines, Demolition Man is a mandatory mission in GTA Vice City. This mission exemplifies most players' frustration with RC vehicles, especially since it's coupled with a fairly rigid time limit.

Flying an RC helicopter isn't that bad when a player gets some practice in, but the problem with this mission is that players have no reason to have much experience in such a matter prior to doing this mission. It doesn't help that the RC Goblin doesn't handle well too.

Many GTA Vice City players will remember how annoying this mission was on their first playthrough. Its legendary reputation as one of the most frustrating missions in the entire series is a good enough to make it top this list.

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