Top 5 GTA Online Stunt Races for July 2021

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While stealing cars and killing vexing goons is an integral part of GTA Online, that's not all the multiplayer game is about.

GTA Online would hardly have been so popular had it only been about crime and destruction. Over the years, the game has racked up enough content to keep players engaged for weeks, if not months. Stunt Races are one of the most popular side activities in GTA Online.

This article talks about five of the best Stunt Races in GTA Online as of July 2021.

5 best Stunt Races in GTA Online in 2021

#5 - Transform - Odyssey

Nothing gets more wild and exciting than a race in GTA Online and Odyssey, as the name alludes to, might just be the most chaotic of all. It features the Mallard, Seashark, Manchez and fan favorite, Ruiner 2000. These incredible vehicles are one of the most important reasons why players are so drawn to this map.

#4 - Transform - Vinewood Thrills

GTA Online is known for driving people out of their comfort zone, pushing them to ride vehicles they normally would find too daunting. While Vinewood Thrills doesn't feature a very long track, it boasts enough "thrills" to allow players some respite from the chaos of the streets, including the ability to zoom past the Vinewood sign in the hills in a notoriously expensive vehicle.

#3 - Stunt - Maze Bank Ascent

The Maze Bank Ascent was added to GTA Online as part of the Cunning Stunts update and has been a fan favorite ever since. As the name might imply, the Maze Bank Ascent takes place in Downtown, where the player must learn to dodge all sorts of obstacles or be left in the dust by enemy contenders.

In this race, players are restricted to using only the Tropos Rallye and Omnis.

#2 - RC - Beach Please

Nothing gets as chaotic in GTA Online as an RC race, a type that's been part of the multiplayer game for a very long time. Beach Please essentially modifies the same concept into more of an advanced race, featuring more interesting layouts and fleshed out maps.

#1 - Hotring Circuit - Sandy Shores

While Sandy Shores isn't all that popular in GTA Online, being a long-forgotten town, it still makes for one heck of a race track. The best thing about this type of race is that the player doesn't have to constantly worry about tackling sharp corners and the like. As the track is well-developed and mostly free of off-road casualties, the only thing that matters is speed.

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