Top 5 most mysterious locations in GTA Online

Most mysterious locations in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)
Most mysterious locations in GTA Online (Image via Sportskeeda)
Viren Mirpuri

GTA Online has many mysterious and spooky places all over the map. Rockstar Games has always loved controversies and urban myths, and they never fail to add them to the games.

GTA Online has a vast map, and with that, there are many places where things get a little spooky. There are many mysterious locations on the map where players might see something abnormal or supernatural.

This article lists the top five most mysterious locations in GTA Online.

Most mysterious locations in GTA Online that players can visit

5) Vinewood Cemetery

Vinewood Cemetery is one of the many scary places in GTA Online that will send chills down any player's spine. The main mystery of the cemetery is that there is an empty grave in this area with a pistol, which is rather odd.

Many rumors state that this grave is a reference to GTA San Andreas, where CJ and Sweet's mom is buried.

4) Mount Gordo

One of the spookiest places in GTA Online is Mount Gordo. There is a ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans, which players can see if they scope in at the cliff with their sniper rifle.

The ghost disappears if players get closer, and it is speculated that the ghost is that of Jock Cranley's wife. The story states that Jock pushed his wife off the cliff when he tried to move to the city, but Jolene didn't let him.

3) Mine Shaft

The Mine Shaft in GTA Online was initially locked up in the original version, but players could destroy the boards guarding the main entrance and explore this eerie location in the Enhanced Version.

When players enter the Mine Shaft, they can find a wrinkled body wearing old 1940s clothing, somehow preserved in this tunnel without rotting.

2) Merle Abrahams' House

The Infinity Killer from GTA 5 is a disturbing Easter egg that players can visit this serial killer's house in GTA Online. The charred residence has several disturbing graffiti all over the wall related to the number eight.

A tally marks counting to 15, which could be anything from a victim counting his final days to his child's age before Merle killed them, could be seen.

1) Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad is home to many mysteries on GTA Online. Many mysteries have their roots in Mount Chiliad. Players have speculated about a UFO showing up there from time to time. There is also a mural in the area with some abstract designs leading to something in the game.

The game has the highest number of rumors of mysterious things happening at Mount Chiliad.

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