Top 5 reasons why players need an Avenger in GTA Online

This aircraft was first introduced to players as part of the Doomsday Heist (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
This aircraft was first introduced to players as part of the Doomsday Heist (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)

GTA Online has plenty in store for players to splash out on and spend millions upon millions on vehicles, guns, properties, and more. But every now and then, an expensive vehicle will come along that isn't just useful but also justifies its massive price tag.

One such absolute wonder of an aircraft is the Avenger. This massive titan of an airplane can make life much easier for players, especially when used correctly.

The aircraft was first introduced to players as part of the Doomsday Heist, which is bound to be a lot of player's introduction to the Avenger. This deceptively fast and nimble aircraft can go toe-to-toe with the best of them in GTA Online and come out on top relatively unscathed.

Here's why players need an Avenger in GTA Online

1) One of the toughest armors in the game


Simply put, there are very few matches for the Avenger when it comes to armor in GTA Online. Unless the player takes an Orbital Cannon straight to the nose, they should be fine.

The plane can withstand ungodly amounts of damage, including from RPG and homing missiles. This pretty much guarantees an extra second or two to get a shot off and destroy the opposition in GTA Online.

2) Autopilot


Players can use plenty of services in the Avenger from the Interaction Menu, with one of them being Autopilot. The aircraft can hover in the air while they can access the gun turrets from the cargo hold or use any other service.

This makes life much easier in GTA Online as players can escape the chaos on the ground and spectate the quarrels between lowly ground-dwellers. The Avenger is pretty much a mobile, airborne base of operations with plenty of cool toys.

3) Weapons/vehicle workshop


The cargo hold of the Avenger can hold a lot of cool things, including turrets and cannons. But more importantly, players can choose to add a weapons/vehicle workshop to this airplane, giving them plenty of incredible options for customization.

The workshop works similarly to that in the MOC and is pretty much an aerial version of it. Having a workshop so far from the ground is obviously very useful in GTA Online.

4) Weaponry


Defense only doesn't win fights in GTA Online, and the Avenger needs to be able to defend itself with the best offense. This is why there are plenty of turrets, cannons, and bombs (of different kinds) that players can use to eviscerate enemies in GTA Online.

The Avenger can be upgraded with all sorts of fantastic weapons that can put a hole in the earth's surface



If weapons, armor, and a fabulous workshop didn't do it for players, perhaps this will. The Avenger is both a plane and a helicopter. It can go into VTOL mode, allowing it to hover over a spot like a helicopter, which is rather neat if players need more maneuverability in certain situations.

VTOL allows players to stay still and aim better, which, when combined with armor, is always a win-win situation in an Avenger.

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