Top 5 tips and tricks in GTA Online for beginners in 2021

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games
Alan Sahbegovic

There are many tips and tricks worth learning in GTA Online, but beginners in 2021 should focus on a specific subset of them.

Tips and tricks are a bit of a broad term. Some players might include glitches in this category, while others wouldn't consider the two to be one and the same.

Regardless of subjective opinion on this matter, beginners need to learn something valuable to help them succeed in 2021. GTA Online is a harsh place for beginners, so this information should help them tremendously.

Some tips and tricks will be obvious to veteran players, but players starting GTA Online for the first time in 2021 should be able to learn some valuable information. As new content tends to focus on more experienced players, beginners should feel safe using these tips and tricks well beyond 2021.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the article's writer.

Five tips and tricks for beginners in GTA Online in 2021

#5 - MTU manipulation

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MTU manipulation is a method where players can exploit their MTU settings for their own benefit. More specifically, beginners can raise it to a certain level (for example, 800), and they'll likely be in a public lobby by themselves.

A solo public lobby is noticeably better than a private lobby, as it doesn't exclude the player from participating in some activities. This means that a beginner can do what they want in GTA Online without being punished for it in 2021.

#4 - Register for the Rockstar Games Social Club

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

Beginners often won't have much in the way of any good vehicle. Fortunately, there's a tip that still works in 2021, which grants the player a good car for free. All the player has to do is sign up for Rockstar Games Social Club, and they can get the Elegy RH8 for free.

Normally, the Elegy RH8 costs $95,000, so getting it for free should help ease a beginner through GTA Online in 2021. It has good stats, so a player can focus on more pragmatic purchases instead of thinking about which car they should buy (at least in the beginning).

#3 - Check out for news regarding future events

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

This tip might seem braindead obvious, but it's surprising how many players buy a property or vehicle before an event discount happens, and then they complain on social media about it. Of course, it doesn't just include events that save the player a ton of money (including freebies such as Twitch Prime items).

There's sometimes a 2x~3x RP or cash event, so if a beginner can only grind a certain amount of time in GTA Online, it's best to do so during these events. It doesn't matter if it's directly from Rockstar Games or social media; as long as the player knows what's about to happen, they can act accordingly.

#2 - Animation skips

Image via Materialized (YouTube)
Image via Materialized (YouTube)

GTA Online might not necessitate animation skips like other games do, but animation skips can still save the player some time.

Every second saved is another second to enjoy GTA Online. Even veteran players often forget to do some animation skips, so a beginner that masters it can easily catch up in 2021.

The prime example for beginners to do is to eat snacks when hiding undercover or when running. This allows the player to regain health while not wasting their time with a longer animation (which is especially nice for beginners who get hurt a lot).

Once a player masters this basic one, they can then learn more tips and tricks in 2021 related to it, such as the "skip drill animation" for the Diamond Casino Heist.

#1 - Remember to use the ATM/Maze Bank Website

Image via CodeReflexx (GamingMarket subreddit)
Image via CodeReflexx (GamingMarket subreddit)

There aren't many things in life that are less satisfying than losing money for nothing. Likewise, if players can prevent it in a video game, then they should take advantage of the opportunity.

Normally, a player won't lose more than $500 for dying in GTA Online, but Muggers can drastically raise that amount to $10,000.

Considering beginners are bound to die to the most minor of inconveniences in GTA Online (especially in 2021), they should use ATMs and the Maze Bank Website to deposit their money whenever they have a lot of it.

Every dollar adds up, so this tip should help beginners learn the importance of saving money.

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