Top 5 unforgettable Story Missions in GTA 5

Image via GTA 5
Image via GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the most rated games of all time. It broke a number of mind-blowing records right after its must-anticipated release and continues to be all the rage in 2021.

The game is full of exciting quests and challenging jobs. Admittedly, some missions tested players' patience more than once, but, for the most part, GTA 5 is an amazing game and features a number of great missions.

5 most memorable Story Missions in GTA 5

5) Marriage Counseling


Cheating is never a good idea, not even when you're married to a loon like Michael, who literally pulls down a house to punish a man. Marriage Counseling is one of the most engaging missions in GTA 5. It sees Michael and Franklin destroying Martin Madrazo's mistress' house and avoiding a gang shootout.

4) Caida Libre


In this memorable story mission, Michael and Trevor are enlisted by Martin Madrazo to help him take out his cousin, Javier, who's going to testify against Madrazo.

Using a high-powered sniper rifle, players are required to shoot the snitch's plane out of the sky and then get on a dirtbike as Trevor and finish the job. GTA 5 is packed to the gills with a number of action-packed missions, but the likes of the Caida Libre have seldom been seen before.

3) Blitz Play


In this FIB mission, the three protagonists are enlisted to rob an armored truck stashed with funds for the IAA, and because Michael never could resist a touch of the dramatic, he goes with a Blitz Play approach. This mission is packed with action and drama, arguably making for one of the best Story Missions in GTA 5.

2) Lamar Down


GTA 5 features a bunch of scumbags, but Lamar Davis and his quirky ways more than make up for the aura of unpleasantness they cast wherever they go. In Lamar Down, the three protagonists endeavor to rescue Lamar from the Ballas by launching an attack on the sawmill.

1) The Jewel Score


Heists are a quintessential part of GTA 5 and the Jewel Score is arguably one of the best. Players can approach this heist in a number of ways. Players can either launch an attack and rob the store by posing as a fumigation company, knocking them out with some sort of sleeping gas or by approaching it the way players like to approach many Heist in GTA 5, The Loud approach.

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