Top 5 YouTube channels old-school GTA fans should check out

GTA YouTube content is often wild (Image via TheJizzy (YouTube))
GTA YouTube content is often wild (Image via TheJizzy (YouTube))

In a world full of clickbait, it's nice for old-school GTA fans to find a YouTube channel that delivers quality content.

Some old-school GTA fans have gotten tired of the recent uptick in the obviously fake & clickbait plaguing the GTA section on YouTube. It's unfortunate, but that's an inevitable part of YouTube these days. What is fortunate is that there are plenty of great YouTube content creators for these old-school GTA fans to check out instead of the usual clickbait nonsense.

Speedrunning, various GTA facts and other neat content are common features for the five YouTubers in this article. Some of them specialize more in one particular area (like speedrunning) than others, but they're all great at what they do.

Top five YouTube channels old-school GTA fans should check out

#5 - Betaz


Betaz does a wide assortment of topics within the GTA series, but one of the most interesting things is their comparison videos. In the video above, Betaz showcases how different (and similar) Tommy Vercetti is to Victor Vance regarding their capability as protagonists.

There are other comparison videos found on their channel, which include the evolution of certain mechanics throughout the entire GTA series. The videos are concise & to-the-point.

#4 - Vadim M


Vadim M is a pretty well-known content creator within the GTA community, as he posts videos in both English and Russian. Fortunately, the two videos are identical except in the language they're presented in, so most people can settle with just his English videos.

There are various videos ranging on topics from GTA 3 to GTA 4 (some fans would consider GTA 4 to be old these days). Some of the topics range from interesting cut content to anti-piracy measures and other comparisons between different versions of the games.

#3 - Hugo One


If an old-school GTA fan is looking for innumerable hours of content, Hugo One's videos is the place to go. Of course, Hugo One doesn't just have long videos (some of which range up to 16+ hours). He is also a speedrunner, so there are plenty of funny compilations taken from his attempts.

Hugo One's most popular YouTube content is related to GTA San Andreas, but he has speedran the entire mainline GTA series from GTA 3 onward. Unlike some of the other options on this list, Hugo One is heavily involved in the streaming world, so old-school GTA fans can often check him out when he's live.

As Hugo One is a pretty good player, there's always a chance that old-school GTA fans could learn something while watching one of his videos.

#2 - TheJizzy


TheJizzy is one of the most prolific content creators for old-school GTA fans. His YouTube channel has grown quite considerably over the years, particularly thanks to his frequent uploads and active discord community.

Whilst the name perfectly coincides with Rockstar's humor, his content is really good to watch. Whether it's mods or neat little facts about various titles, TheJizzy has numerous videos for fans to indulge in. Of course, his GTA San Andreas videos are the most popular.

It should be noted that the text found on his videos can seem a bit off from a native English speaker's perspective, but it's still easy to understand. In many ways, TheJizzy is a conglomeration of several GTA YouTube channels in terms of sheer content.

#1 - Real KeV3n


Real KeV3n is a genuinely talented speedrunner who uses his knowledge of GTA San Andreas to entertain. Sometimes, it's an obviously fake speedrun that's played for laughs, whilst at other times it's a legitimate masterpiece as far as skill goes.

His tips videos are pretty insightful, especially since they show off how creative GTA San Andreas can be at times. Not only that, but Real KeV3n also did several other noteworthy YouTube videos that fans still enjoy.

One of the most noteworthy videos was his theory about how Ryder wasn't always meant to be a villain in GTA San Andreas. The vast majority of his content pertains to GTA San Andreas, but that's bound to happen when GTA San Andreas has such a vocal audience on YouTube.

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