What car is the Penumbra in GTA Online based on and is it worth buying?

Is it worthwhile to buy the Maibatsu Penumbra in GTA Online? (Image via GTA Fandom)
Is it worthwhile to buy the Maibatsu Penumbra in GTA Online? (Image via GTA Fandom)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online has numerous cars that draw inspiration from real-life vehicles. While Rockstar Games modifies them to match the in-game aesthetic, the resemblance remains apparent in many of them.

The Penumbra has been in the game since its launch and is considered an OG vehicle. Veteran GTA Online players still appreciate it for its value in the early stages of the game despite the current availability of better alternatives.

This article analyzes the Penumbra in detail and determines whether or not it is worth purchasing now.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions.

What should you consider before purchasing the Penumbra in GTA Online?

Design and inspiration


The Maibatsu Penumbra is a two-seater sports coupé in GTA Online. Its design is primarily inspired by the 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse and the Audi TT. The Penumbra's front bumper and grille take after those of the Toyota Scion tC. Its headlights are modeled after that of the Dodge Dart, while the taillights reflect the Audi TT design.

The Southern San Andreas Super Autos website describes the car as:

“High performance compact car for the kind of person who drifts around corners with a baby seat in the back.”

The vehicle has a simple and aerodynamic profile, with the front side facing downwards. It has a large trunk with a standard ducktail spoiler and a wide frame in the back. The engine is located under the hood on the front side of the vehicle.

Specs and performance


The Penumbra is powered by a 2.6L Turbo V8 engine with 5-speed transmission. It has a heavy body weighing 1,400 kg, and it features a rear-wheel drive layout. That said, the vehicle's performance is poor. With an average track record, it is one of the slowest cars in the sports class category.

When fully upgraded, it has a top speed of only 105.25 mph or 169.38 km/h (as tested by Broughy1322) and a lap timing of 1:12.243 minutes. The lack of acceleration and understeer is very noticeable when the vehicle is driven extensively. Although the car is compatible with GTA Online races, there are better choices available for competitive racing.

Price and customization options for the vehicle


Despite its age, the Maibatsu Penumbra has a plethora of customization options, including some distinctive liveries. Rockstar Games put in the effort to refurbish the car and add new customization options with the GTA Online After Hours update in 2018. Los Santos Customs offers 11 liveries, 4 sports spoilers, and numerous other body customization options.

The Penumbra is one of the least expensive vehicles in the game. Players can get it for $24,000 from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website. It can also be found in free-roam and stolen for test drives. Some notable locations where the car spawns are:

  • Alta
  • Vinewood
  • Rockford Hills
  • In front of Grove Street Garage

Is it worthwhile to purchase Penumbra in GTA Online?


The most straightforward answer is no. The Penumbra is no longer worth the money, time, and effort in GTA Online. While it was among the most prominent sports cars in the early stages of the game, it can be easily outrun by several advanced vehicles that are now available to players.

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