Which GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition game has the most exciting missions?

And the winner is... (Image via Sportskeeda)
And the winner is... (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition (DE) has the most exciting missions. This can be justified by analyzing two factors - the number of missions and enjoyability. San Andreas (DE) has the most missions of the three games in the remastered Trilogy. Moreover, many of those missions are truly unforgettable and fun.

GTA San Andreas (DE) is action-packed

All new adrenaline (Image via Sportskeeda)
All new adrenaline (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA San Andreas (DE) was more advanced than the other two games in the Trilogy. In this title, CJ can swim and practically fly too. The addition of swimming and parachute drops made a considerable difference to the GTA mission evolution. The players are no longer restricted to the ground.

Because Rockstar had three more years of development for San Andreas after GTA 3, they could add elements that the other two games in the Trilogy did not have. Along with CJ's swimming and parachuting, stats were introduced to the game. The ability to build muscle and other upgraded stats makes GTA San Andreas (DE) much more immersive.

Missions like the one where CJ has to leap from a plane, having driven a motorcycle onboard as it takes off, are adrenaline-filled. While this is one example, these are the exciting features that make the GTA San Andreas (DE) stand out in the newly remastered Trilogy.

GTA San Andreas (DE) has over 100 missions


GTA 3 had 77 missions from the storyline to the payphones, including RC and extra driving missions. GTA Vice City then had 87 missions. GTA San Andreas has 100 official missions. 101 when including the opening sequence.

After completing all of the GTA San Andreas (DE) missions, CJ will have access to new vehicles. The Hydra will spawn on Sweet's roof in Grove Street. The Rhino tank will appear under the bridge above Ganton. Also, CJ will receive $1,000,000, double vehicle strength in any car he drives, and infinite ammo. These rewards make the missions all the more thrilling in general.

Players should note that using any cheat codes during gameplay might stop them from achieving a full 100% game completion.

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