Why GTA 6 should have cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency can be an interesting addition in GTA 6 (Images via Rockstar Games)
Cryptocurrency can be an interesting addition in GTA 6 (Images via Rockstar Games)

One of the more popular GTA 6 leaks is about how players in the game will be rewarded with an in-game cryptocurrency like bitcoin instead of cash when completing missions.

Bitcoin will not replace cash as in-game money, but rather it will complement the other, just like how in Red Dead Redemption 2, players have both the option to use cash and gold bars. With the integration of brokers for various cryptocurrencies, the stock market might also return in GTA 6.

Even though most fans of the game are still hesitant to believe this leak about cryptocurrency, this might still be a great addition to the upcoming game. The article will provide players will some arguments for its inclusion.

Why GTA 6 should consider having in-game cryptocurrency


The GTA series is known for satirizing current popular trends going around in all sectors of the world. GTA 5 is a great example of this, as the game pokes fun at the celebrity and pop culture obsession in modern society.

Cryptocurrency has impacted our society more than anything else with all-new technological advancements. It is very likely that if Grand Theft Auto 6 incorporates this element, they can easily satirize and commentate on this new cultural shift that has been happening with crypto.

Moreover, the Grand Theft Auto series keeps up with current trends. Like how they introduced the internet in Grand Theft Auto 5, they should do the same thing with cryptocurrency.


The inclusion of cryptocurrency will also open new pathways for storytelling. With all the high-profile scams happening in the real world, Grand Theft Auto 6 can create missions where players have to help certain characters manipulate the crypto market.

Like the Grand Theft Auto 5 mission, Franklin helped Lester manipulate the stock market. Grand Theft Auto 6 can do the same thing, but now with cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency can also be added as a story element in the game's plot. There can be characters who are crypto millionaires that can act as antagonists or supporting characters.

NFTs can also be included as they are also a huge part of this cryptocurrency. As these types of currencies are untraceable and anonymous, many side missions can be created easily with crypto, in which players have to buy and smuggle goods and items with the help of this currency.


If players get rewarded with crypto for completing a mission, this will create an alternative for cash, thus, making the game's economy more dynamic and realistic. Players can use this game mechanic to buy special items not available for purchase with cash.

Cryptocurrency will increase the immersiveness of the player's gaming experience and help in elevating the thematic and narrative design of the game.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinion.

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