Why GTA Mixed is the best GTA San Andreas mod for changing the map

The map of this mod
The map of this mod (Image via Mixed Mods)

GTA Mixed is a GTA San Andreas mod that essentially brings the PS2 versions of Liberty City and Vice City to the game. While that might seem incredibly simple at first glance, many gamers have always dreamed of being able to play a Grand Theft Auto game with all these iconic settings thrown together. Some players might have known this map mod as SAxVCxLC Connected, the older, outdated version. Easy access to all three iconic worlds in a single GTA San Andreas mod is fantastic.

Similar modifications have existed, yet some, like GTA Underground, shut down long ago. By comparison, GTA Mixed is still up and available to download from Mixed Mods.

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What is GTA Mixed? GTA San Andreas's most excellent map mod explained


Note: You must own the game to use this GTA San Andreas mod. Players should also use a downgrader to make the title more compatible with mods.

The above video by TheJizzy shows readers how to download and install GTA Mixed. The steps go as follows:

  1. Go to Mixed Mods and find this GTA San Andreas mod.
  2. Scroll down to the first Download button below the many photos and brief list of current problems.
  3. Put everything into the modloader folder under your GTA San Andreas directory. If you don't have modloader, please download it to be able to use most modifications. Also, get CLEO+ if you lack that, too.
  4. Run the gta_sa.exe file to play the game.

It's pretty simple. Once you do that, you should be able to explore San Andreas, Liberty City, and Vice City all in a single game. San Andreas is on the western side of the map and is way more significant than the other two locations (even when those two are combined). Liberty City is on the northeastern side of the game world, while Vice City is south of it.

A few awkward roads connect everything together, but at least players can access all three settings in a single GTA San Andreas mod.

Compatibility with other GTA San Andreas mods

This map modification works with other mods, too (Image via Rockstar Games)
This map modification works with other mods, too (Image via Rockstar Games)

One of the best aspects of GTA Mixed is that it's compatible with many other modifications. For example, you could use DYOM to make a mission that spans all three game worlds. You could even download other already pre-made missions, and they should work if the creator made them with GTA Mixed in mind.

Mixed Mods even offers Liberty City and Vice City mods as an additional download that might interest gamers seeking something more immersive. Certain graphics modifications like RoSA Evolved will also make the game look prettier. Compatibility with other mods might seem like a simple benefit at first glance, but it's great to customize the game however you want.

GTA Mixed has existed in its current form since October 22, 2021. Rockstar Games hasn't taken it down yet, so any interested gamers seeking to play with all the main 3D Universe locations in one modification should get it.

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