Why Oppressor Mk II is the most overpowered item in GTA Online

Oppressor MK II in GTA Online (Image via
Oppressor MK II in GTA Online (Image via
Viren Mirpuri

With over 700 different vehicles in GTA Online, there is no shortage of transport options for players. However, despite the variety, one vehicle trumps the rest. Oppressor Mk II is hands down one of the best items in GTA Online.

Many players grind hard to be able to get the Oppressor Mk II and enjoy the game with ease. The new vehicle was added to GTA Online as part of the After Hours update, released on August 14, 2018 during the Black Madonna Residency Week event.

Ever since Oppressor Mk II was added to GTA Online, it has become the most popular vehicle in the game. The hoverboat has immense firepower that players can use for traveling or combat.

What makes Oppressor Mk II the most overpowered item in GTA Online?

List of features that make the Oppressor Mk II the most overpowered item in the game:

1) Weapons


Oppressor Mk II has some of the best homing missiles in the game. As the vehicle has the option of having non-homing missiles as well, players can load their Mk II with both types of missiles. The hoverboat also comes with a machine gun mounted in the front for extra firepower.

The homing missiles on Oppressor Mk II are some of the most accurate ones in GTA Online. The rocket launchers have a limited ammo capacity of 20 missiles, but players can easily reload them by parking the hoverbike in the Terrorbyte.

2) Speed


The Oppressor Mk 2 has one of the highest top speeds in the game, crossing 180 mph. Players can use the rocket booster to achieve even higher speeds.

The Oppressor Mk II has become a griefing vehicle that some players use to trouble others, but if used for the right purposes, it is extremely useful to complete missions and travel through the map in GTA Online.

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