Why are Rhino Tanks from GTA so fun to use?

Rhino tanks were once a juggernaut of the GTA franchise (Image via GTA 5, Rockstar Games)
Rhino tanks were once a juggernaut of the GTA franchise (Image via GTA 5, Rockstar Games)
Danny Sahbegovic

At one point in GTA history, Rhino Tanks were to be feared; they were as fun to use as they were ferocious.

While it is no longer viable in GTA Online, the Rhino once commanded respect. They broke the entire game due to their overpowered defense and offense. For this reason, old-school players have fond memories of the tank. It was difficult to get without cheats, but entirely worth the effort.

Before the Oppressor Mk II and Toreador, there was the Rhino. It's one of the defining vehicles for the GTA series. Simply having one meant the player had power. Hours of entertainment can be spent on rampages alone. Many GTA players had the time of their lives with this tank.

What makes Rhino Tanks so fun to use in GTA?


Since GTA 3, the Rhino has made appearances in every game except for GTA 4. There are two reliable methods to acquire it. Players can either use a cheat or steal it from the military. The latter is considerably difficult; players had to deal with the army going after them.

Depending on the game, players can also perform side-quests to unlock the Rhino. Either way, it's one of the most fun vehicles to use in the entire series. There are several reasons why.

Rhinos are a weapon of mass destruction


In the earliest GTA entries, the Rhino was a force to be reckoned with. For starters, it will blow up any vehicle it touches. Along with its durability and destructive cannon, Rhinos can lay waste to anyone and anything. It was one of the best vehicles in the 3D Universe.

Rhino rampages are one of the most satisfying experiences in GTA history. Players can finally realize the true potential of their ruinous ambitions. They will take down any roadblocks along the way.

The HD Universe would remove the instant kill touch, but tanks were still a major threat. Sadly, GTA Online nerfed the Rhino by making it more vulnerable. It only takes a few RPGs or sticky bombs to finish it off.

There are cool tricks players can use


Tanks are very slow in the GTA series. However, there is a trick to make them go faster. All a player has to do is use the turret recoil.

Anytime a player fires a shot from the turret, they are hit with recoil. However, if they aim backwards, they can use the momentum to boost themselves forward. It allows tanks to move at a much faster pace.

It's a good technique to use in open fields, such as a desert landscape. Rhinos already have a hard time going uphill. By using the recoil boost, GTA players can overcome most obstacles.

It's the main way to survive the highest wanted levels


GTA players with extreme threat levels will be given the highest wanted rating. Unless they plan on using a Rhino, it's outright dangerous to fight back. Military soldiers use powerful weapons that can shred players into pieces. Even worse, enemy Rhinos will destroy any vehicle the player is inside.

The only way to safely combat a Rhino is with another Rhino. GTA players will not last very long if they are left out in the open. Tanks allow them to survive for a good length of time. They can take multiple hits while dishing out real damage.

Rhinos turn down the difficulty when dealing with military forces. If GTA players want to reach the highest possible wanted level, they should use a tank. Otherwise, they better stock up on weapons and armor.

It can be a challenge getting it through normal means


GTA players can always challenge themselves by stealing a Rhino from the military. Surviving at the highest possible wanted level is no easy feat. Most GTA players can simply use a cheat to spawn a Rhino. However, there is no difficulty in doing that. Sometimes players need to test their skills.

Rhinos are often found in restricted areas. They can also be seen when players have the highest wanted level. Trying to steal it won't be easy. The entire United States army is after the players. GTA players who survive will prove themselves to be the best among the best.

Tanks have their place in GTA history


Whenever GTA players want to cause widespread destruction, Rhinos are a reliable means to achieve that goal. It's mindless fun when using this military vehicle. The GTA series is meant to be a chaotic mess of explosions and gunfire. Rhinos perform well in this category.

These impressive tanks carry an enduring legacy in the GTA series. For that reason alone, it deserves respect.

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