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Why the Terrorbyte is a must-have vehicle in GTA Online

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Sawera Dedar
Modified 15 Feb 2021

The Terrorbyte is a mobile military truck featured in GTA Online that unlocks after the player invests in a nightclub with a special floor level.

However, this armor-plated vehicle does not come for peanuts. Even the cheapest version costs a staggering total of $1,375,000, excluding all the expenses spent on the nightclub (which the player will need to own before buying the Terrorbyte).

When additional hardware and customization options are taken into account, the Terrorbyte costs a whopping sum of 3,459,500.

That being said, the Terrorbyte is super expensive and is only recommended for players who have a lot of in-game money in GTA Online.

This article takes a look at the most significant features of the Terrorbyte and explains how it can create a massive return on investment for GTA Online players.

The Terrorbyte in GTA Online

Manufactured by Benefactor, the Terrorbyte is heavily inspired by the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6 Expedition Vehicle.


This command truck features a "nerve center" that allows players to conduct all their businesses from one central location, putting an end to the daily grind of managing every business from a different location.

The touchscreen inside the nerve center allows players to conduct "steal and resupply missions" and takes away the hassle of driving all the way back to the business building.

In addition, the Terrorbyte can host the player's Oppressor MK II, which is invaluable for hasty escapes and time-sensitive missions in GTA Online.

Client featured jobs hosted by Paige are one of the most lucrative ways to earn money in GTA Online.

These missions are easy to complete and can churn out $32,000 within a few minutes, and they can only be unlocked after purchasing the Terrorbyte.

  1. Robbery in progress.
  2. Data sweep.
  3. Targeted data.
  4. Diamond shopping.
  5. Collector's pieces
  6. Deal breaker

The Terrorbyte can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online for $1,375,000 and can be stored in the nightclub warehouse.

Published 15 Feb 2021, 12:56 IST
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