Will GTA 5 style controls make completing missions in GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition easier?

Updated controls (Image via
Updated controls (Image via
Chris Black

Since news of the GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition broke, fans have been asking themselves all sorts of questions. How will it look? How will it hold up against the original? Will the controls be the same as the old games?

Now, many of these questions have been answered and the GTA Community only has to wait a little bit longer to experience the new Trilogy for themselves.

This article will discuss how GTA 5 controls could make completing missions in the GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition easier.

Why GTA 5 controls are so much better


Comparing the current controls used in GTA 5 with the older ones from GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, really highlights the difference.

Rockstar made huge improvements in their graphics and controls by the time GTA 5 was released. One of the most notable enhancements was the way they introduced the weapons wheel and radio station wheel. This was such a big step up from the side-scrolling versions of weapons and radio selection in the original games.

The level of control players have over targeting, plus the ease of weapon selection in GTA 5 makes missions easier. Now, characters aren't limited to shooting in only two directions in a drive-by like they were in GTA 3. Surely, GTA 5 controls will make missions in the Trilogy much easier.

GTA players remember the old controls

One way to do a drive-by (Image via
One way to do a drive-by (Image via

Fans of the original GTA games will remember being irritated when it came to targeting and selecting weapons.

In a way, it was nice and simple to side-scroll through the weapons and radio stations. However, it was a "one-way-street" so to speak, meaning that players could only scroll one direction on the radio (down), and two directions for weapon selection (left or right).

While veterans immediately got used to this in all three original games, GTA 5 fans did worry about having to go "backwards" with controls in the new Trilogy. The best news for the latter is that Rockstar has scrapped the old selection style. They have improved the Trilogy by adding the selection wheels that current GTA players love so much.

GTA 5 controls: Making missions easier

A vast improvement (Image via
A vast improvement (Image via

Thankfully, it has been confirmed by Rockstar that the re-mastered GTA Trilogy has made the appropriate changes to the map, weapon wheel and radio station wheel.

This means that GTA 5 style controls will help players of the Trilogy become much more comfortable by not taking them away from what they know as standard practice now.

Completing the old missions will now be far easier with improved targeting updates and less limited controls.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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