4 best mushroom house designs to build in Minecraft 1.19 update

Mushrooms can grow in Dark Oak Forests (Image via Mojang)
Mushrooms can grow in Dark Oak Forests (Image via Mojang)

Mushrooms are a naturally growing item in Minecraft. They can grow as small mushrooms used as crafting ingredients in recipes like mushroom stew or fermented spider eyes.

Additionally, they can grow as mushroom trees, commonly found in Dark Oak Forests and Mushroom Fields.

Mushrooms are good for lots of things, including designing houses. There are different kinds of homes in Minecraft, but mushroom houses are both unique and generally pretty cool.

There are a few different ways to make mushroom houses in version 1.19. Here's how to design the coolest ones.

Stunningly beautiful mushroom house ideas for Minecraft 1.19

4) Amethyst mushroom

Mushroom houses can be made into the shape of a mushroom and still qualify, making building them a lot easier and more creative. Players will need a lot of calcite and amethyst blocks, which they can only find in amethyst geodes.

Calcite must be mined with a pickaxe; otherwise, it won't drop. The same is true of amethyst blocks, so if users have a pickaxe, they can easily get the blocks they need for this.

To build one, all Minecraft gamers need to do is create it in the shape of a mushroom. Use the calcite to construct the base and then form the plume with amethyst. It'll look incredible no matter what, based on the blocks used.

2) Mushroom block house

Mushroom trees generally don't grow incredibly tall, so players who want to build this one will need to find and harvest a lot of them. However, most Mushroom Fields have several, even if that biome is rare.

Dark Oak biomes have a few in them as well. They are much easier to locate, too.

These houses can be as tall as Minecraft gamers want. They're not beholden to natural limits, so as long as fans have enough of the required blocks, they can go as big as they want.

Once again, it's simple to construct as it only requires a base and a plume. That base can be as large as needed.

Silk Touch is required, or else the mushroom blocks drop nothing or a mushroom. Those won't help build anything.

2) Mushroom-colored house

Red wool can make for a mushroom block replacement
Red wool can make for a mushroom block replacement

There are quite a few blocks in Minecraft that can be colored, including:

  • Wool
  • Concrete
  • Concrete powder
  • Terracotta

All these blocks can be colored in white and red to mirror a mushroom house. The house can look normal and be shaped like any old house, but if it has a red roof and white walls, it's a sort of mushroom house.

This is probably one of the easiest to make, too. Those blocks are generally easier to come by than mushroom, amethyst, and calcite.

The dye might be challenging to get in bulk, but if users find a flower forest or a skeleton spawner, they are set up nicely.

1) Mushroom tree house

Mushroom houses can be built from existing mushrooms (Image via Amino Apps)
Mushroom houses can be built from existing mushrooms (Image via Amino Apps)

Mushrooms can already grow, so the best mushroom house is one that already exists. Most of the hard work is already done, making it even better. They are pretty small, so players may need to extend them vertically.

They may need to find and break other mushrooms with Silk Touch to extend their house to the correct size. It's helpful to remove some blocks for windows and the doors, too. It won't be a Minecraft house that prioritizes space, but it is fun to live in.

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