5 best alien mods for Minecraft (2022)

The Ben 10 add-on (Image via The Commander Creeper/YouTube)
The Ben 10 add-on (Image via The Commander Creeper/YouTube)

Minecraft is known for being familiar to players, which is why it has such a solid nostalgic effect. Those who haven't played the game in years will likely see things they didn't know about, perhaps many of them, but will still feel right at home. This is by design, as Mojang wants the game title to feel like home to gamers, even though it's been out for a long time.

The only thing that can make the game lose that familiar feeling is mods. Typically associated with Java Edition (Bedrock has access to fewer mods called behavior packs), mods can add or subtract anything and turn it into a completely different experience.

Adding aliens would be so unlike Minecraft, which is why mod creators set out to do it. They did a great job on some, too, and here are a few good examples.

Minecraft alien mods to try out today

5) Pixelmon

The question is whether or not Pokemon can be considered aliens. They're not normal animals (for the most part), and they're certainly not normal Minecraft mobs, either.

They're foreign, which could technically make them aliens, so for the purpose of this article, they will be. Pixelmon adds Pokemon to the regular Minecraft world.

It also adds Pokeballs and other familiar items from the franchise, but walking around and catching the fantastic, alien-like creatures makes for one of the best mods in the game.

4) Predator vs Alien mod

This mod is not for the faint-hearted (Image via Planet Minecraft)
This mod is not for the faint-hearted (Image via Planet Minecraft)

Two of the most iconic fictional creatures came together for an epic movie franchise and are now back together in this mod. This is one of the best alien mods because it grabs one of the most iconic aliens and its predator (pun intended).

The textures are great, and so is the gameplay.

3) Chronokiller's 1.16.5 - 1.15.2 Xenomorph Aliens Mod

Xenomorph running wild (Image via Planet Minecraft)
Xenomorph running wild (Image via Planet Minecraft)

There aren't many better alien mods than the one that features the creature of the same name. Alien and all the subsequent sequels feature the Xenomorph, one of the most iconic and fearsome aliens in all of science fiction (perhaps non-fiction?).

Adding it to the game makes it more frightening and adds one of the most complex aliens ever to be seen. Additionally, the creators could get weapons and alien sound effects that are original to their first appearances.

2) Ben 10 Add-on

Ben 10 Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17/…

Not much alien media is more popular than Ben 10. The classic show was beloved by many while it was on Cartoon Network, and many fans still rewatch it.

Ben is one of the most popular alien-hunting characters of all time, and it makes perfect sense that someone would make an add-on for Minecraft with him.

Several critical aspects of the show are translated into block form, including Ben and the Omnitrix. It certainly doesn't get much better than this for alien mods.

1) Dalek Invasion Mod

The Dalek Mod (Image via Planet Minecraft)
The Dalek Mod (Image via Planet Minecraft)

Daleks are perhaps the most famous alien species thanks to their inclusion in the long-running hit show Doctor Who. The Daleks in this mod are instantly recognizable and add a new layer to the game.

Here's what the creators said:

"The overworld is now overrun with Daleks of all kinds and different powers. You can even journey to the Dalek homeworld of Skaro to fight the higher ranking Daleks for rewards!"

This mod doesn't just add the aliens, though. It also adds specific things for players to do to fight them instead of just placing them in the world.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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