5 best FPS-boosting mods for Minecraft 1.19 update

One of Minecraft
One of Minecraft's expansive environments, which is difficult for some PCs to run (Image via Minecraft/Mojang)

Minecraft is a large game, not just in terms of the space it takes up on a player's hard drive but also with regard to how much there is to do.

This causes a lot of devices to chug and experience frame drops. However, over the years, the community has made many mods with the sole purpose of streamlining the game and improving performance.

Listed below are five of the best mods available for Minecraft 1.19 that can help decrease the game’s impact on PC hardware.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the writer

Smooth Boot, Sodium, and 3 other great mods that players can use to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19

1) Starlight


Caves are one of the most iconic areas in Minecraft, and a lot of players have nostalgic memories of exploring them.

Torches are vital for players who explore caves, both to see what they can mine and to keep additional mobs from spawning around them.

However, torches and other lighting items can have a considerable negative impact on the game's performance due to its very outdated lighting engine. These issues are exacerbated on older machines.

The Starlight mod solves this issue by completely rewriting the game’s lighting engine, drastically increasing performance in areas that contain many torches or lights.

2) Smooth Boot


The main goal of Smooth Boot is quite simple: optimize how the game loads. Computers with older CPUs often encounter 100% processing loads when the game starts up, which can cause stuttering and impact the player’s abilities to multitask.

The Smooth Boot mod overhauls the way the game starts up, allowing for smoother launches on lower-end systems. It also scales and helps load speeds on systems with more hardware available for use.

3) LazyDFU


Minecraft is a game that players can very easily sink dozens, if not hundreds, of hours into. For example, players who aim to build mega bases on survival worlds can spend hours just mining for resources. Even regular players looking to get redstone, gold, lapis, and diamonds can mine for long stretches of time.

Due to just how monotonous the grind can be, it is very common for players to have other windows open for extra entertainment, such as YouTube for videos or Spotify for music.

The LazyDFU mod, however, can really help alleviate these issues. The mod smooths out the resource draw of the game, allowing for extra hardware power to multitask, making the grinds much easier.

4) Sodium


Sodium is a well-known mod that is very similar to Optifine. The mod page actually features the difference between the vanilla game and Sodium for different combinations of GPUs and CPUs.

Many of these listed combinations see at least a three-time increase in frames, typically for mid-end to higher-end systems. However, for lower-end systems, the increase in FPS tends to be closer to four or five times.

Additionally, Sodium is normally bundled with Iris, allowing players to use shaders with very little impact on FPS.

5) Optifine


Optifine might be the single most well-known mod in the history of Minecraft. The mod has a reputation for, at the very minimum, doubling the frames per second of the game. It also decreases the spikes of lag that the game can sometimes have, smoothing out gameplay.

Optifine also allows a lot of customization via different graphical options, such as HD textures, dynamic lighting, fog control, shader support, clear water, better snow, and better grass.

Due to the shader support and frame boost, this is the go-to optimization mod for players with the Forge mod loader.