5 best house designs using quartz in Minecraft

Players can design numerous homes that feature quartz as a primary material (Image via Shock Frost/YouTube)
Players can design numerous homes that feature quartz as a primary material (Image via Shock Frost/YouTube)

There are many different blocks in Minecraft that players can use to make their builds stand out from the crowd. One of the blocks that can look great in various builds is the quartz block. It's very customizable, and its white color and vivid textures in different forms can really make for some eye-popping visuals.

Here are five of the best house designs that players can use quartz for in Minecraft.

Top 5 quartz house designs in Minecraft

1) Simple Quartz House


For players looking to build a simple quartz house for their survival worlds, this build by Julious delivers. It's a beautiful house compacted down into a small footprint. It looks modern and offers floor-to-ceiling glass panes, which increase the amount of light in the house and make it feel more spacious than it is. With some careful decorating, players can make this build feel like a real home.

This build may be small but delivers big benefits to Minecraft players who want to spend their materials elsewhere instead of making huge buildings.

2) Suburban Quartz House


For players looking for a house that would fit in any suburban neighborhood, this suburban quartz house by Shock Frost is a great choice. Featuring a garage and modern aesthetics, players can create a few of these in their world and create a fantastic-looking neighborhood. Players can even take an existing village and update it to these quartz houses and give the villagers a much-needed upgrade.

For more realism, players can design fake cars to put in driveways and inside of the garage to give a true neighborhood feel to their worlds.

3) Safe Quartz House


When safety is just as important to players as looks, this safe quartz house created by Shock Frost is another prime example of a solid quartz build. Featuring a ditch around the property that can be filled with water, cactuses, and even more, players can keep their property safe from mobs that may be wandering around. After all, no one wants a creeper to destroy the base they worked on.

Players of Minecraft can further expand the safety given by this house by adding a wall around the property.

4) Modern Quartz House


One of the best parts of this quartz build created by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT is the fantastic ability to add crops to the top level of the house. This fits the bill for players who want to be self-sufficient and have a sleek modern house. Not only will this look great in almost any build, but the possibilities for crops, materials, and even animals are almost endless to add to the farm.

Adding varying crops to the top floor and even on the roof can expand the player's ability to harvest materials whenever they need them. Players can create an automatic farm for even more ease of use.

5) Quartz Mansion


For Minecraft players who want to go big, this house allows them to go home to a grand quartz mansion. With this build by Shock Frost, players can have multiple levels to store all their hard-earned valuables and host other players for virtual get-togethers. In addition, this build could be expanded by adding extra rooms or even a basement underneath for even more storage.

Players can switch up the wood inside and the different panes of glass, changing them from various shades if it fits their mood better. In addition, players can choose to use different styles of quartz blocks, such as bricks or smooth, in place of some of the other blocks in this build to create a unique version for their world.

How players can obtain quartz in Minecraft


One of the best things about quartz is how highly customizable the block is when used in decorating. Using a stonecutter, the block can be turned into various forms, such as chiseled quartz, quartz pillar, and quartz bricks. With smelting, players can create smooth quartz. Each one has a different texture and can help players define their builds. They can also make slabs and stairs.

Players can create quartz blocks using nether quartz, which can be found inside the Nether. This ore can be harvested using a pickaxe by players. If they do not use a pickaxe, it will not drop the ore. It can also be traded from piglins and expert level masons who will offer Nether quartz at 12 of them for 1 emerald. This is not always true on Java Edition but is always available on Bedrock Edition.

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