5 best Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update pre-release seeds

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update – The Blue and Gold
The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs 1.17 update is set to be released in a few days (Image via
Moon Abbott

Choosing a seed for a new Minecraft world can be one of the most difficult choices a player has to make.

A seed is important as it determines how a Minecraft world will generate, influencing how the terrain looks, how long it takes players to find structures like the stronghold, and how common certain mobs and materials are.

Seeds cannot be changed, which means the player should carefully decide which seed they want before loading up the world.

With the Caves & Cliffs 1.17 update coming out very soon, Minecraft players with the pre-release might be looking for certain attributes that are hard to find when using a random seed.

This list features five of the best seeds a player can use when generating a brand new world in the pre-release of Minecraft version 1.17.

Minecraft 1.17 pre-release seeds that players can use

#5 - Huge, Deep, New Cave

Huge, Deep, New Cave (Image via Minecraft)

Seed: -2340259456214783593

Notable Location: 362, -47, 388

In this seed, discovered by Reddit user Felipe_Con, the new cave generation that the 1.17 Minecraft update will bring can be seen in full force.

This huge cave system even has multiple abandoned mineshafts running through it, hopefully making it a bit easier for players to find rare resources in this expansive cavern. Surviving in this cave may be difficult, so this seed should be reserved for experienced Minecraft players.

#4 - Mushroom Villagers

Mushroom Villagers (Image via Minecraft)
Mushroom Villagers (Image via Minecraft)

Seed: -7015717559011046116

Notable Location: 11840, 100, 14544

First found by Johannes-k, this Minecraft seed has two rare spawns right next to each other.

Minecraft villages do not often spawn on their very own island. However, this is exactly what happens on this seed. The village island is only a few blocks away from a mushroom biome, which is the rarest biome in the entire game.

Mushroom biomes are ideal to live on since no hostile mobs will spawn there. The island is populated by helpful Mooshrooms that provide food to the player.

#3 - Freezing Cold Cavern

Freezing Cold Cavern (Image via Minecraft)
Freezing Cold Cavern (Image via Minecraft)

Seed: 8773952936846401873

Notable Location: 1460, 1800

Most Minecraft players have probably never seen a frozen cave in Minecraft. This unique 1.17 seed generates a deep cave directly underneath a frozen ocean biome. Frozen oceans are rare biomes with huge icebergs that spawn in the middle of the open ocean.

However, this seed steps up that biome’s rarity with a cave underneath that also spawns icebergs. This results in an astonishing and naturally spawning frozen cave. Players who wish to inhabit this cave can opt to make a unique underground base with this frozen waterfall.

#2 - Journey to the Center of the Minecraft Earth

Journey to the Center of the Minecraft Earth (Image via Minecraft)
Journey to the Center of the Minecraft Earth (Image via Minecraft)

Seed: 349518308

Notable Location: 4101 -47 4126

This seed has a cave with a huge lava lake at the bottom. Unlike the frozen, icy cave in the seed above, this cave includes large pillars of deepslate that give the lava lake an even more sinister look.

This seed is perfect for any Minecraft player who wants to build an evil super villain-inspired base far beneath the surface of their world. Of course, since lava is dangerous, this seed may be better-suited for experienced players or those who play in creative mode.

#1 - Cozy Cottagecore Mansion

Cozy Cottagecore Mansion (Image via Minecraft)

Seed: 3193661100541711506

Notable Location: 272, 120, -700

This seed is perfect for Minecraft players who want to simulate the feeling of cabin fever in their world (or Woodland Mansion fever in this case).

In this seed, players can find two of the rarest things in Minecraft right next to each other: an ice spikes biome and a woodland mansion. Though this may be difficult to tackle in survival mode, it might be worthwhile to play in such a unique location.

From the top of the woodland mansion, players have a perfect view of the ice spikes biome, making the mansion feel extra warm and cozy in comparison. Of course, the player will need to eradicate the building of pesky pillagers first. In the meantime, though, a small temporary house (perhaps near a taiga village that is also very close to the mansion) can be built in order to enjoy the rarity of this seed and prepare to attack the pillagers.

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