5 best Minecraft beach houses to build in December 2022

Minecraft beach houses are truly spectacular (Image via Youtube/Zaypixel)
Some Minecraft beach houses are truly spectacular (Image via Zaypixel/YouTube)

Minecraft allows players to build anything they want in the game. This is especially true when it comes to houses, as there are so many options available. However, not all houses are created equal, with some being better than others.

Players love to show off builds on building servers or through YouTube videos. This article will explore some of the best Minecraft beach house ideas from YouTubers.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the writer.

Interesting Minecraft beach house designs to take inspiration from

5) Minimalist beach house


This is a simple design that is a great option for those who are looking for something minimalistic and modern. It is also good if you have a small space or a time constraint because of how easy it is to build.

The house has just one level, but it is elevated off the ground, giving it a really interesting look. With a very modern and minimalistic design for the roof, the house itself doesn't offer much space, but it has a whole porch with tons of extra room. If players are feeling extra confident with building, they can even add their own adjustments. This build was made by the YouTuber Minecraft Architect.

4) Aesthetic beach house


The aesthetic beach house is a great option for players who want to build their houses on the sand. It is a simple design that players can build in about an hour or two.

The house itself is pretty large and has two stories. It even has some extra space with a patio. The design has a lot of variety due to the flowers and incredibly cute fences lining the exterior of the building. This incredible build was made by the Minecraft YouTuber SweetMarble.

3) Modern beach house


A modern beach house is always a cozy and relaxing place to be, especially when you're spending time with family or friends. To create this look, players can use glass as the main material in their building. The glass should be used for windows and for walls inside the home.

This type of beach house design is the perfect place for contemporary furniture. Couches or chairs with clean lines and simple shapes will complement the overall aesthetic of the space. Modern lighting fixtures are another staple choice when designing this type of home, with lanterns hanging from the ceiling. This build was made by the popular Minecraft builder and YouTuber HALNY.

2) Beach house on the water


Building a beach house on the water is a fun way to make a Minecraft world unique and interesting. Players can add some of their favorite elements from nature, such as trees and grass. This particular build uses lanterns, and the house is made entirely out of wood.

In either case, it's important to have a good foundation to build on. Players will want to make sure that they have plenty of blocks available. This way, they can finish building the home quickly without having to swim or take a boat back to land for additional materials. This amazing tutorial was made by YouTuber Laya Minecraft.

1) Pink beach house


If players are looking for a large, cozy house, then the pink beach house is the perfect choice. It has a big balcony where they can sit and enjoy the peace of the beach. They can also place some flowers outside of it to make it look much more inviting.

This house stands out from the other builds due to it being pink. The build was made by the YouTuber Acou.

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