5 best Minecraft Java Edition farms for getting XP

A Minecraft spawner XP farm (Image via planetminecraft)
A Minecraft spawner XP farm (Image via planetminecraft)
Holly Ellison

One of the most vexing challenges for experienced Minecraft players is getting and maintaining high levels of XP. Short for experience points, XP is the primary way for players to enchant their weapons and armor in Minecraft.

Each time they try to enchant or combine items with an anvil, Minecraft requires a certain number of XP points to be used. This can quickly drain the player's XP, and without the use of XP farms, it can take them many in-game Minecraft days to gain back all the lost XP. This is the main reason why players create XP farms.

XP farms are the easiest and fastest way for Minecraft players to regain their XP. These farms can involve anything from mob spawners to fishing to raids. There are so many different avenues that players can take to collect XP easily and quickly, all it takes is a little work to set up, and then they are set for the rest of their Minecraft game.

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Top 5 Minecraft Java Edition XP farms

#1 - Spawner Farm


Spawners have been one of the best XP farms since their introduction to Minecraft. These blocks will always spawn in mobs for players to kill, and if they design it in a way where the spawner is in a dark room with water to bring the mobs towards a lighter room, the player will be able to kill them one by one.

Players may wonder where they could find spawners, which are common in mineshafts, dungeons, and strongholds. They also have a chance to spawn anywhere in the Minecraft underground. There are a few seeds that are great for spawners as well.

Another great spawner idea is blaze spawners in the Nether. These blocks are very common in Nether fortresses, so when players come across them, they could potentially start blaze farms very easily. All they have to do is block off the room where the blaze spawner is located and wait at an entrance for the blaze to spawn.

Blaze drops a decent amount of XP and blaze rods as loot, which can help players with potions in the future.

#2 - Enderman farm


For players who have traveled to the end dimension and defeated Minecraft's greatest enemy, the Ender Dragon, an enderman XP farm is a great idea.

This farm is relatively simple to make. All the players need is a location in the end dimension, a few buckets of water, hoppers, and quite a few building blocks.

The main way this farm works is by attracting enderman to a specific location, killing them above hoppers, and then all that's left for the player to do is collect the XP and ender pearls.

What makes this XP farm so useful is that the Enderman drops XP along with ender pearls. The latter is such a helpful item in Minecraft since they can be crafted into the eyes of Ender or used for faster travel in Minecraft.

#3 - Cactus and Bamboo


This XP farm is unique as it doesn't involve any mobs or player interference. It's completely self-sufficient and involves both bamboo and cactuses. The way it works is that players build a large piston and Redstone contraption to constantly grow and collect cactuses and bamboo.

These cactuses and bamboo are collected by hoppers and sent to a row of furnaces, which use bamboo as fuel to smelt cactuses into a green dye. When players collect the green dye from the furnaces, they receive XP.

This XP farm is relatively easy to set up, doesn't require many resources, and works entirely on its own once it gets started. All players have to do is check the farm every so often to collect their automatic XP.

This farm is also great if players are looking to dye a lot of wool dark green or use the dye for something else. Readers can check out the video above for cactus and bamboo farm instructions.

#4 - Raid Farm


Raids are extremely useful for collecting XP. Pillagers each drop reasonable amounts of XP, and during raids, so many pillager variants and mobs spawn that there are a plethora of mobs to kill and collect loot and XP from.

The way to build a raid XP farm is to find a pillager tower or even a destroyed pillager tower. Pillagers will still spawn there even if their structure is destroyed.

The player should then build a large stone structure near the tower with walls on all sides and water draining towards the center. This enclosed area is where the pillagers will be kept.

The next step is to place a few beds and lead villagers towards the pillagers, but be sure to separate pillagers and villagers so that the latter don't die during the raids. The villagers' bed should be raised above where the pillagers are. Fans can watch the video above for more instructions.

This raid XP farm will provide players with lots of XP, emeralds, totems, and other useful loot dropped during raids. This farm may take some initial effort to set up, but the results are well worth it.

#5 - Fishing Farm


Fishing farms have been around in Minecraft for a long time. Players are always looking for new ways to automate fishing in Minecraft, and even without an automated fishing farm, fishing can be a great way to collect XP and find rare treasures in the ocean.

This fish farm, however, will collect massive amounts of XP for players. They will need a few resources to complete the farm, including a fishing rod with mending and unbreaking, a note block, a hopper, a chest, a pressure plate, a fence, and some water.

This farm is relatively simple to set up, and players should follow the video above to build the farm correctly. Once they've made the small farm, all they need to do is fish in it to collect their XP.

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