5 Best Minecraft modpacks for exploration in 2021

Steve overlooking a Minecraft world (Image via usgamer)
Steve overlooking a Minecraft world (Image via usgamer)
Holly Ellison

Many Minecraft players use modpacks to spice up their Minecraft gameplay. Modpacks are bundles of code and mods that change the player's Minecraft game. Modpacks can range anywhere from different textures on certain items to completely new entities added to the game, or even new biomes and game mechanics.

Players have been using modpacks to change their Minecraft worlds for many years now, and most modpacks are available for free download in trusted sites like curseforge, and other official Minecraft modding websites.

Many modpacks change around the entire feel of Minecraft worlds. Some of these modpacks include drastic biome changes, new weather patterns, and so much more. Here is a list of 5 of the best Minecraft modpacks for players to explore their world with.

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Top 5 modpacks for Minecraft world exploration

#1 - RLCraft


RLCraft is a Minecraft modpack focused on making Minecraft more challenging. RLCraft stands for real-life craft, but don't be fooled by the title as this modpack is nothing like real life, except for the constant challenges thrown at the player.

RLCraft adds so many new features which makes Minecraft all that much more fun to explore. There are several new mobs to watch out for, most of which are hostile and can kill the player with ease. RLCraft enthusiasts will tell players to beware of each step, exploring RLCraft really is like exploring the wild. Each step could bring the player closer to a hostile mob.

There are also newly generated structures for players to explore. There are village castles, new ruins, and small little villager communities scattered throughout the world. It's much more common for players to find a generated structure in RLCraft than in vanilla Minecraft, which makes RLCraft even more fun to explore around in. Even long-term RLCraft players have more to explore.

The modpack is constantly changing and is definitely worth the download. Low-end PC players should beware though, as this modpack can sometimes run rather slow.

RLCraft is available for download on curseforge.

#2 - Valhesia 3


The Valhelsia modpack has been around for many years now, but Valhelsia 3 is out for the latest edition of Minecraft. There's a reason Valhelsia has been around for so long. This modpack changes so much about Minecraft.

Valhelsia 3 adds in new ambient sounds, generated structures, items, entities, mobs, dungeons, artifacts, and much more. Players will have a blast exploring all that Valhelsia 3 has to offer.

One of the highlights of Valhelsia 3 is the dungeons and artifacts that the players can explore underground. In vanilla Minecraft, the dungeons can be rather plain, bland, and repetitive. But, in Valhelsia 3, these dungeons are magical, and new mobs are waiting to attack players.

Another great thing about Valhelsia 3 is the addition of artifacts available within the dungeons, these artifacts are replacements for the loot that players can find in vanilla Minecraft. These artifacts are often more useful and rarer than those found without the modpack on.

Valhelsia also adds in some cute peaceful mobs, such as penguins and bugs. There are several more mobs that Valhelsia adds in besides these, and it's almost guaranteed that the player will have a blast journeying around in the modpack Minecraft world.

Valhelsia 3 can be downloaded off of curseforge here for free.

#3 - MC Eternal


MC Eternal is a great exploration modpack. MC Eternal is full of magic, portals, quests, and new terrain to explore. One of the highlights of the MC Eternal modpack is the between lands, a place darker and scarier than the Nether or the End. It's a green, haunted, almost Halloween-themed land for players to enter only through portals.

MC Eternal is essentially a quest-based modpack. Players can explore and continue with the pre-made quests to complete the game. It turns Minecraft into an entirely different video game at times, with new dimensions and mobs to fight and explore.

One of the less impressive, but fan-favorite in MC Eternal is the addition of rats to the game. Many players love this feature and believe it adds to world-building. MC Eternal can be downloaded for free on curseforge.

#4 - Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons


Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons is exactly as the name sounds; it's a modpack dedicated to bringing new adventures and dungeons to players. This modpack was created by players who were bored of vanilla Minecraft's dungeons and loot and wanted to create something more magical, so they made the Roguelike Adventure and Dungeons modpack.

This modpack includes a few new dimensions called the Twilight, Aether, The beneath, Cavern 2, Atum 2, Tropicraft, and Between Lands. Each of these dimensions has new biomes, terrain, mobs, generated structures, and of course adventures to explore. There's no shortage of new adventures to go on with this modpack.

For those players looking to explore this modpack and take on new adventures, Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons is available for free download on curseforge.

#5 - Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie Apocalypse is exactly what it sounds like. There's an outbreak of zombies, everywhere. This modpack creates a plethora of zombies ready to attack the player at any instant. These zombies can roam around in the sunlight, and the only advantage that players have against the zombies is speed and weapons.

The player is stranded in a wasteland and has to fight for their lives to survive. It's common for herds of zombies to gang up on the player and have epic life or death battles. What makes this modpack great for exploration is that the player never knows where the next zombie will appear. They could be safe one second and swarmed the next.

This modpack is great for those Minecraft players who are fans of zombie movies and tv shows. Players can download this modpack on curseforge for free.

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