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5 best things to do in Minecraft when bored

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Anna Perella
Modified 20 Feb 2021
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Minecraft can be a lifesaver on a slow day with nothing to do. This game is perfect to beat boredom.

Usually, gamers can work on a sophisticated build with the power of unlimited blocks in creative mode. They could tackle the challenge of hardcore mode with the knowledge they lose that world forever if they die.

Sometimes, these options won't help on an ultra-sluggish day. Other factors must come into play to peak players' interests. Hosting LAN servers, experimenting with seeds, and setting little goals can satiate the hunger for fun.

The following list contains the best choices to crush ennui.

5 best things to do in Minecraft when bored

#5 Start a project

Come up with an objective and try to achieve it. This can be collecting a certain amount of diamonds, traveling through the world as a nomad, or defeating the Ender Dragon with limited aid and weaponry.

It can also be a creative venture - building a castle, a city, or a flat piece of pixel art. This will take some time and effort because any creative idea is original.

There are so many possibilities in Minecraft that can alleviate a lot of disinterest. Beginning a journey and setting a goal can add a little flavor to the game.


#4 Download mods and texture packs to spice things up

When vanilla Minecraft gets a little stale or wants to try something new, mods can take things to the next level. The same applies to texture packs.

Mob Variants Mod for Java; Image via Minecraft
Mob Variants Mod for Java; Image via Minecraft

Here are some interesting and well-liked texture packs for both Java and Bedrock:

  • Grimstone Locked (Bedrock 1.16)
  • Parallax Shaders (Bedrock 1.16)
  • BlockPixel (Java 1.16)
  • Kal's Arms & Armor (Bedrock)
  • Dark Theme (Java 1.16)
  • Infinity Realistic Texture Pack (Java 1.16)

Furthermore, here are some mods for both Java and Bedrock edition:

  • Starwars Pack (Java 1.16.4)
  • Lar's Sweet Package (Java 1.15.2)
  • Bot-Topia Add-On (Bedrock 1.16)
  • Purple Planet Dimension (Java 1.14)
  • Space Update Minecraft V1 (Bedrock 1.16)
  • Tortoises Add-On (Bedrock 1.16)
  • Butterfly Add-On (Bedrock 1.16)

This is just the tip of the iceberg with Minecraft mods and texture packs considering that they can be very general or specific. They can be as general as adding new mobs and vegetation texture changes or as specific as adding insects and arboreal variety.

Mods can make the game more enticing. They should be explored and expanded on. This is a sure shot method of bashing boredom.


#3 Speedrun Minecraft

Take a shot at speedrunning Minecraft. This is a good course of action to gauge where someone is in their methods and how they play the game. It's also just fun to take on the trials and tribulations of moving quickly through the game.

This is a popular trend at the moment, with many Minecraft YouTubers such as CaptainSparklez participating. There's also a scandal involving Dream, who is being held accountable for cheating on his speedrun.

#2 Download and play through a map

Adventure maps are an interesting way to play through a story or quest. An easy-going, simple adventure map is Archer Hero. This is a tale that isn't too time-consuming. Throughout the game, something new is added to the storyline, keeping it fresh.

Many adventure maps are like this. Short stories pack a lot of punch and others that are longer with a rich plot. Either way, they are excellent for squashing languor.

Adventure maps are not the only maps players can investigate. Many maps are uploaded for other players to download and enjoy. For example, the following precious map was uploaded by @Minecraft on Twitter.

#1 Join a Minecraft multiplayer server


With many Minecraft servers available with a wide variety of games and playstyles, boredom gets crunched.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Many Minecraft servers offer mini-games. These are short and fun games that a player can join on their own or with friends. Considering that there are many of them and they don't last long, it creates an atmosphere of high energy, which is great for relieving malaise.

The best mini-games servers are Hypixel (Java), the Hive (Bedrock and Java), and OWNAGE (Minecraft PE). Multiplayer servers have much more to offer, such as creative plots, skyblock, parkour, and much more.

What the future holds

With the "caves and cliffs" update coming to Minecraft, players should be satisfied and busy exploring new parts of the game.


This game is a great way to prevent getting bored and sparks thoughts and ideas. It isn't a mindless game and, oftentimes, requires a lot of brainpower.

Published 20 Feb 2021, 13:01 IST
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